Xinput1_3.dll is a DirectX Runtime library related lớn the Xbox 360 Controller. So if your system doesn’t have sầu the tệp tin, launching any PC game that supports such controllers gives the “xinput1_3.dll file not found” error.

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However, even if you’re not able lớn run the tiện ích, there’s no need khổng lồ fret. You can easily fix this issue by installing the lathử nghiệm DirectX Runtime.

Here are some of the reasons for the xinput1_3.dll tệp tin to be missing:

Improper installation of an application.Outdated DirectX version.Corrupted DLL file or drive sầu sector.Malware infection.

How to lớn Fix Xinput1_3.dll Not Found Error

Since the xinput1_3.dll file is missing, the usual solution is khổng lồ install or copy the file to lớn your PC. There may be some reasons for the absence of the DLL file. So, we recommkết thúc troubleshooting those issues as well.

Reinstall Application

The application installer package usually contains all the necessary DLL files. It’s likely that the installer failed to lớn install the game properly. Uninstall và reinstall the application to fix this issue. To uninstall,

mở cửa the Run comm& (Windows + R) and enter appwiz.cpl.Locate & select the program from the danh sách.Click onUninstallorUninstall/Change>Uninstall.

Restart your system and reinstall the program or the DirectX runtime.

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Repair System Integrity

This error also occurs if the DLL tệp tin gets corrupt. You can scan and repair the files using theSystem File Checkerto lớn fix such issues.

Also,check your system drive for any bad sectors. Your system can’t detect the DLL tệp tin if the file’s sector becomes defective.

Uninstall Third-các buổi party Antivirus

Third-tiệc ngọt antivi khuẩn programs incompatible with Windows can cause many system errors. For instance, if they falsely recognize a system file as malware, they may remove sầu the file.

It’s better to lớn uninstall such antivi khuẩn programs and enable the built-in Virus và threat protection. It is already a great antivi khuẩn tool. If you want lớn use a third-tiệc nhỏ security app, kiểm tra its đánh giá for any issues before installing it.

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Failed to lớn Load Xinput1_3.dll in X360ce

It happens if x360ce can’t load the DLL file, your computer lacks some of x360ce’s system requirements. Check if the following is present in your system:

After installing these components, restart your PC và run x360ce.exe as administrator.