Work permit là gì


WHAT IS CANADA’S WORK PERMIT? A Work Permit is a document certifying that a foreign worker is authorized lớn work in Canada.

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To apply for a Work Permit, foreign workers or students studying in Canadomain authority need to lớn meet the following conditions:

For foreign workers

The basic documents needed for candidates lớn apply for a Canada’s Work Permit:

Job offer letter. Labor contract. A copy of the LMIA. LMIA number.

LMIA (Labour Market Impact Assessment) is a document that allows a Canadian employer to lớn legally hire a foreign worker.


In essence, this is a document assessing the impact of hiring foreign workers on the domestic labor resources.

A positive sầu LMIA will show the need lớn hire foreign workers for a given job, for which there is no available Canadian worker or permanent resident at that time.

The employer will apply for the LMIA application và if the result is Positive, the worker can apply for a Work Permit in Canada.

Steps to lớn apply for a Canada’s Work Permit:

Typically, applying for a Canada’s Work Permit is a two-step process:

Step 1

In most cases, the first step lớn obtaining a Canada’s Work Permit is khổng lồ apply for a Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from Employment & Social Development Canada (ESDC). Typically, a Canadian employer must make recruitment efforts in the country, and demonstrate that there are no Canadian permanent residents or citizens qualified for current position.

Step 2

After having a positive sầu LMIA, the candidate can apply for a Work Permit.

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The work permit is exclusive lớn the employer, unless the worker has an open work permit. If a worker wants to change employers, they must obtain a new Work Permit before undertaking another job in Canada. Note : Canada’s work permit also has validity.

For international students in Canada

Unlike workers, international students in Canada have sầu many options regarding Work Permit. For each option, the conditions will be different. As follows:

Off-campus Work Permit

This type of work permit is included with the study permit. With this, international students will be able lớn work off-campus for a maximum of 20 hours/week và full-time while on vacation.

Co-op Work Permit

This type of permit is issued to lớn students studying in Canadomain authority in which an internship is included in the study program (this internship cannot 3D more than 50% of the study program).

The work permit for study only allows students to work within the framework of the study program, not khổng lồ work outside.

Post Graduation Work Permit

This Work Permit is for international students with stricter conditions than the two mentioned above sầu. Conditions are as follows:

Attended a university/college in Canadomain authority with a full-time studying program, and have completed this study for at least 8 months.Completed all subjects in the studying program.Qualified to lớn graduate or receive a degree.


This type of work permit is different from others, as it does not designate a specific job or employer. It allows its holder to lớn work for any Canadian employer with many possibiliies. 

An open work permit does not require the applicant to lớn have sầu a job offer, or a positive sầu Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

Under Canadian immigration regulations, an mở cửa Work Permit can be applied to:

Spouses or common-law partners of some temporary foreign workers in occupation classification of 0, A or B, according to lớn the National Occupational Classification (NOC).The spouse or common-law partner of a foreign student engaged in full-time study.An international student who has recently graduated from a Canadian post-secondary institution.

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If you fall into lớn one of the following cases, you are not required to have a Work Permit:

Foreign representatives.Family members of foreign representatives.Athletes & team members.Performers.News reporter, truyền thông team.Community speaker.Conference organizer.People who come lớn Canadomain authority for economic purposes but bởi vì not participate in the labor market.Priest.Referees & similar officials.Testers & evaluators.Expert witness or investigator.Foreign government officials.Student health care.Civil aviation inspector.Airplane Crew.Aviation incident or accident inspector.Jobs on campus.Military.