lớn defkết thúc or keep a principle or law, or to lớn say that a decision that has already been made, especially a legal one, is correct:

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to lớn defkết thúc or maintain a principle or law, or khổng lồ state that a decision that has already been made, esp. a legal one, is correct:
The decision by the court upholds the right of rural Alaskans to lớn subsistence hunt và fish on most waters in Alaska.
To suggest otherwise is to uphold a doctrine that supports significant violations of patients" rights.
Dramatically increasing repression in this way reflected the monarchy"s determination to lớn have provincial elites uphold royal authority.
Timing may vary dramatically between performers or stylistic schools, depending on the aesthetics upheld by the guru.
To be modern is to lớn adopt reason and progress và khổng lồ uphold the belief that epistemological certainty is attainable.
Such clarity in upholding accepted boundaries suggests an appreciation, if not an interaction, with the natural world that sits stoically within the prevailing utilitarian tradition.
They got their tóm tắt of the proceedings in the process but in effect actively upheld an unequal political và economic system.
The state court had upheld the livestoông chồng classification on the grounds that it was well-known that sheep, unlượt thích cattle, damaged pasture lvà.
This creates a duty to train professionals who understand & uphold the duty to regulate their colleagues internally.
When it could not, the existence of property that was the subject of the suit was invoked khổng lồ uphold the claims of temple khiêu vũ girls.
In many cases, the commitment khổng lồ upholding the value of equal membership may be invoked to explain the diversity of need-oriented distributive arrangements.

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I take it that upholding equal membership in communal provision requires the formation of distributive sầu practices in different institutional sub-domains.
The disparity produces cognitive sầu dissonance, particularly aao ước younger adults who are the most likely to lớn uphold the ideal notions of elder care.
Negative sầu thoughts related to lớn past deeds, such as disappointing a loved one or failing to uphold a responsibility, are relatively comtháng.
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