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*** Fashion nail salon làm tóc, nail makeover for fingernails and toenails, art designs with dễ thương nail polish và decals,... - you name it, we've sầu got it! **** Manicure & Pedicure Nail Salon * is the latest "nail salon" makeover game with new gel nail art designs, awesome nail polish ideas, đáng yêu stickers and glitter nails with various patterns and accessories for your beautiful nails. These mani-pedi games have sầu a truly amazing spa "nail art fashion salon" ready for you! Download our nail salon làm tóc games & let these "nail polish games" turn you inlớn a real fashion diva with gorgeous fingernails và toenails!FEATURES:* The lademo & greachạy thử nail salon tóc makeover game FREE!* Try two different modes of playing!* Mani-pedi spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp salon: put on cream, treat hangnail or file your nails!* Decorate both your fingernails và your toenails with:--- Different shapes,--- Many colors and patterns,--- Shining glitter,--- The cukiểm tra decals of all kinds,--- Stylish rings, bracelets & cool tattoos!* Unlochồng new tasks every day!* Choose the skin color you desire!* Unloông xã vibrant color palettes: pastel, metallic or fluorescent!* User-friendly interface!* Have fun with unlimited nail care combinations!* Save sầu your designs in your phone gallery và nội dung them on social networks!* Nail painting game that's easy khổng lồ master: an animated fashion diva will guide you through the process!** Absolutely amazing fashion nail art salon! **There are many hand spa làm đẹp và nail art games with finger or "toe nail salon" makeover options, but not nearly enough nail polish games that offer you a wide variety of gorgeous design patterns and an unlimited number of dễ thương nail polish colors, stickers, và other accessories. Finally, the most beautiful-looking fashion nails are now available in our "nail salon tóc games" for free! Download this * Manicure và Pedicure Nail Salon *, a terrific spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp nail salon làm tóc, and enjoy one of the best nail designing games ever!** Take a look at the cutest fashion nail art salon! **Haven't you always wanted to lớn have sầu the most beautiful realistic nails và the nail fashion thiết kế skills of a pro manicurist or pedicurist? Want to create amazing nail salon tóc makeover designs and impress everybody toàn thân around you? Want only the most magnificent manicure & pedicure games for girls? If your answer to all these beauty spa salon questions is YES, than allow our new fashion nail art designs game to lớn take you to lớn the greakiểm tra mani-pedi adventure in nail games! Get this * Manicure và Pedicure Nail Salon * and your only regret will be not becoming such a pro nail designer sooner!** AWESOME nail games with nail designs step by step! **Become a prom princess with gorgeously decorated nails! Cute nail polish ideas for beautiful nails that you have sầu in our nail salon tóc art games will turn you inkhổng lồ a real "nail designer" while having incredible makeover fun! Apart from comtháng fingernail and toe nail art, our nail dress up games let you tastefully decorate your beautiful nails with absolutely fantastic glitter, nail stickers, stylish bracelets, rings or tattoos and so on.** Nail painting game for a wonderful nail party! **Do your own nails in this DIY h& và foot spa chăm sóc sức khỏe và làm đẹp studio! Apply stunning tattoo designs, so you don't even need other tattoo design games.

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Let your imagination run wild in this virtual nail salon tóc, and discover how you can dress up nails like a pro and achieve amazing fashion nail thiết kế. You don't need other nail art tutorials lớn paint nails & create fabulous nail designs. Simply download * Manicure và Pedicure Nail Salon *, và get tons of likes on social networks for your very own nail thiết kế ideas. Only in our nail salon games for girls!* The game is không lấy phí but contains certain InApp packages that can be purchased for real money.

* Amaze your customers with new and astonishing designs* New và improved daily award* If you are enjoying our Nails, please take a moment and leave a positive sầu Reviews on the App Store, it would mean the world to lớn us! Thank you.