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Today we want to look at the last part of the History Collection: The Settlers 7!

This part features much more complex economic cycles than the previous two The Settlers games & brings a pinch of innovation using sectors và victory points khổng lồ the The Settlers world.

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River town:

The map “River town” is great for a particularly easy start – in addition lớn the campaign.

Choose the AI “Countrybumpkin Rupert” with “Easy” level for an easy start.

As you will see, you already have two sectors at the beginning. This solves the lack of space problem for a while, something with which one always has khổng lồ fight in The Settlers 7.

We now begin with the classic start strategy in the first sector, constructing a lodge, khổng lồ which we attach a woodcutter, a forester & a sawmill. A second lodge is needed to build a hunter. More than one hunter would be too much for the small amount of wild animals in the starting sector. Now set the food in the hunter’s lodge to lớn “fancy food” – more khổng lồ that topic later in the expert tip at the kết thúc of this guide.


Tip: Once you raised these buildings, it is advisable khổng lồ set the work area for both the forester and the hunter so that they know where to lớn work.

Next, you should build a mountain shelter with three quarries at the stone deposit. In contrast to lớn the hunter you cannot build too many miners – the more you build the more you get.

To make use of the goods from the hunter, build your first noble residence lớn which you attach two butchers & provide them with “fancy food”.

Streets & Carriers:

Below your castle is an idyllic riverbank with fishing grounds. We would like to use this but first need to lớn construct a way there. Since the road khổng lồ the water is very long, you should build a storehouse midway.

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The storehouse has a very similar function in The Settlers 7 lớn the flags in The Settlers I and II:

Between them walk carriers, who frequently take the goods from one storehouse and bring them khổng lồ the next. However, a storehouse always houses multiple carriers (and can be upgraded later), so you need significantly less of them.

Tip: In order khổng lồ ensure an efficient economy, you should always build storehouses in the middle of a sector và on the borders between the sectors. In particularly large sectors, more storehouses may be required.


Afterwards you can build a lodge with three fishers at the fishing grounds. In order khổng lồ get the bread production going as well, you need 1-2 grain barns (they need a lot of space for the fields!), a windmill & a bakery.

More prestige!

With the help of “prestige” you can unlock new buildings in The Settlers 7. For the next prestige cấp độ you are missing two prestige points at the beginning of the game. Build two large prestige objects (they only need stones) & you can unlock your first prestige option.

As reward you should choose the option to lớn unlock the stronghold, export office and church now. This decision essentially determines which economic branch you have to focus on in the following game! In this guide we decide in favor of the church & build it at a place where we have plenty of space (!). The second of your two sectors works best here.

So, why vì chưng we need so much space? You can showroom prestige extensions to the three special buildings và they are much cheaper than the normal prestige objects – but they need a lot of space.


However, make sure that the construction of the special building does not block the rest of the economy. Use the logistics view, if you want to lớn change the building order:



Occupy new sectors:

You have 10 coins at the beginning. You can use these lớn recruit soldiers without having any barracks. Hire two pikemen and one musketeer in the tavern & assign them khổng lồ your general.

Together with the four soldiers you’re starting with you now have 7 soldiers, which is enough to lớn take the two adjacent sectors in the North West and South East. With the help of these sectors, you can mine iron ore & coal khổng lồ process it in an iron smelter. Build three buildings per raw material. With a well-organized arrangement, the existing space is enough:


Remember to use geologists in the mines later to revive depleted deposits!

First, use the raw materials for the construction of tools. You should phối the toolmaker’s working option to “On Demand”. Otherwise, you will soon have a tool overproduction và take away the resources from the blacksmith.

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In general, there are some important points for sector capturing:

For the construction of soldiers, you need weapons & gold. Later, horses & wheels become important.Pay attention khổng lồ whether a sector is defended by towers before capturing it.If you explore the công nghệ of espionage with the help of your priests, you can inspect the opposing units.If you use military, you should hire a stronger general in the tavern as soon as possible and assign the soldiers to him.You can take all neutral sectors even without military power. Send either monks or merchants, depending on which path you chose before.


Expert Tip:

A perfect economy in Settler 7 means to lớn count!

In particular, you can optimize food production with counting. An example based on hunter / sausage production:


No food -> Output: 1x meat

Plain food -> Input: 1x bread; Output: 2x meat (external supply)

Fancy food -> Input: 1x sausage; Output: 3x meat (self-supply)


Plain food -> Input: 1x bread; Output: 1x sausage (external supply)

Fancy food -> Input: 1x sausage; Output: 2x sausage (self-supply)

If you calculate all six possible combinations, you will see that the best result is achieved, if hunters & butchers are set to fancy food exactly as we did in our guide:

Hunters and butchers on “fancy food”:

3x meat (out) – 1x sausage (in) => 3x2x sausage (out) – 3x sausage (in) => Every cycle +2 sausages!