Pokémon Omega Ruby takes place in the land of Hoenn with a number of changed elements that players will discover and overcome various challenges in the face of powerful opponents such as Legendary Pokétháng. You’ll get yourself a starter Pokétháng and catch new ones lớn complete the Pokédex. At the same time, the skill system is still complex, and you will find ways to unleash the potential of your teammates.

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In Pokémon Omega Ruby, players will begin their journey in Littleroot Town, và this is the đô thị the protagonist’s family moves to because their father Norman has changed jobs. After getting acquainted with some things related to the new town, the main character’s mother wanted lớn introduce them khổng lồ Professor Birch. They go lớn Professor Birch’s house và meet up with this Professor’s child, and later, the character goes khổng lồ Route 101, which is also the first Pokétháng battle.

You see Professor Birch being attacked by a wild Pokémon, và that person’s briefcase has fallen in another location cthảm bại to lớn you. Therefore, you must use the Pokéballs corresponding to lớn the game’s three starting Pokémon against the wild Pokémon. After the battle is over, the player will be able khổng lồ choose a starter Pokémon và be advised khổng lồ go to the Hoenn area and become a proper Trainer when challenging the Gym Leaders.



Once you’ve sầu got yourself a starter Pokétháng in Pokémon Omega Ruby, you’ll undoubtedly be able to confidently travel to lớn other locations to lớn recruit new Pokémon to lớn your team. At the same time, a point that no one can avoid is that different opponents will constantly appear. Surely you will be able to experience many types of matches as Horde Encounters is a five-on-one match, và this is the mechanism that just appeared in versions X and Y.

In all Pokétháng sections, players will be able khổng lồ find mechanics that allow them lớn move quickly through the game’s vast environment. You will get a xe đạp for this version, & of course, this is a reworked version, so you will find some elements changed. You can move freely inside the cấp độ quickly, and bikes can help you traverse the long grasses with ease.


The battle system remains the same as it’s all turn-based, where players will choose a Pokétháng skill khổng lồ use & defeat the opponent in front. At the same time, each skill belongs to a system and has different properties from attaông chồng to buff or debuff effects. So over time, new skills will appear before the players and require them to make some choices lớn help your Pokémon become stronger.


In Pokémon Omega Ruby, players will be able to lớn find Pokétháng with different stats and skills that they can raise và develop their skills with. Over time, new skills will appear & replace old skills, & that will be the mechanism that causes you a headabít when you have to learn skill information carefully. Items containing information about skills of the systems can be learned by the Pokémon you are controlling and will undoubtedly give sầu you a chance khổng lồ take on Gym Leaders or Elites.

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An interesting point that anyone will be curious about is the legendary Pokémon that you can face inside this game. For this version, you will meet Groudon, Ho-Oh, Reshiram, Palcơ, and many other powerful Pokémon. At the same time, the rate of catching these Pokémon is not as high as other Pokémons, so please be patient lớn bringing them to your team. Sure, don’t forget to collect all the Pokémon to complete the Pokédex.

Players will become a Trainer with powerful Pokémon teammates:

A familiar land called Hoenn once again welcomes players with a sense of nostalgia & distinct innovation elements.They will continue their journey khổng lồ explore this l&, facing various opponents and experiencing a new type of battle lượt thích Horde Encounters.The combat mechanism remains the same as players will be able lớn use Pokémon’s skills lớn khuyến mãi damage to lớn enemies và win.The skill system is still diverse, & you will discover the Pokétháng characteristics to lớn stvà a chance against opponents like Gym Leaders.

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Legendary Pokétháng are always the target of many players khổng lồ catch, & indeed the catch rate will not be as high as regular Pokémon.