Tải anger of stick 4 (mod vô hạn tiền) v1


The Anger of Stiông xã game series is a favorite game of so many điện thoại thông minh users worldwide. This game is a fascinating game with attractive features & exciting gameplay for players. It is straightforward to move the characters in the game. Moreover, all other game features, including simple graphics, pure sound, make the game more attractive sầu khổng lồ the user.

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Recently, this game is available in five versions. Of course, the lakiểm tra version comes with better features and functions. However, we still prefer the Anger of Stiông chồng 4 because it has so many beneficial features that you will love.

Do you want lớn know more about this game? Let’s check out our Review of the Anger of Stiông chồng 4 in this article.


The anger of Stiông xã 4 is an action game that is provided for không tính tiền on Android và iOS phones. The game offers you breathtaking combat action scenes and images of funny characters và re-films for players. As you can see, the developer’s ultimate purpose is khổng lồ make users have sầu fun entertaining moments.

In Angler of Stiông chồng game, we will continue lớn fight them with deadly skills & weapons and use helicopters and robots khổng lồ wreak havoc on all enemies.

When you play the Anger of Stiông chồng game, you will participate in the game with your character lớn help the stickman defeat his opponents, save sầu the world from evil zombies. You need khổng lồ move sầu forward & forth on the road, on the bridge makes it easy khổng lồ knoông chồng down the aggressors keep attacking yourself. Let’s find like-minded people lớn destroy monsters & prevent the spread of disease.


Simple Game Play

The anger of stichồng 4 has straightforward gameplay with virtual keys on the screen. And these keys are neatly arranged. We lượt thích most about this game because the virtual keys bởi vì not cover the screen of the game. This feature is beneficial to make it possible for you lớn enjoy a full screen with a beautiful action screen.

Also, the joysticks left, right, up, down are arranged scientifically on the left. The skill buttons are located on the right. This feature makes it is easier for you to remember how lớn play the game. As a result, you will quickly master and achieve high scores in the game.


Stickman Warrior Action Game

The Anger of Stick 4 allows you to collect nine types of svào Heroes, including KungFu, Sword, Gun, Machin, Robot, Shotgun, and Warrior type. Also, this game allows you to lớn arrange different squads based on these heroes.

The Anger of Stick 4 offers a variety of modern weapons to lớn select. Moreover, this game offers so many enemies to confront to make it more challenging and exciting. And the Anger of Stiông xã also allows you khổng lồ enjoy battles with friends through Facebook’s tài khoản frikết thúc.

This game features the correct style of action games. Hence it comes with so many fierce slash screens with more than 600 stages to challenge you.


3 Different trò chơi Modes lớn Select

The anger of Stiông xã 4 has three game modes for you lớn choose, including:

Survival game mode to lớn fight for the people of the thành phố. In normal game mode, you are the nhân vật to lớn protect the citizen from enemies. In this game mode, the Stick people against enemies with professional martial arts. The opponent is also brilliant and smart.Doodle Runner mode in which you run for as long as possible, avoid traps on the road, and collect money khổng lồ upgrade weapons.“Jump Jump” mode requires you to jump continuously khổng lồ fall to lớn the bottom & defeat the enemies simultaneously.

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Enjoy the game with your friends.

The most exciting feature of the Anger of Stiông xã game is you can enjoy the AOS with your Facebook frikết thúc via your Facebook trương mục. This feature allows you lớn enjoy the battles, chat with your friends lớn make fighting strategy, và more.

The team battle mode makes it even more attractive for users. Besides, you can enjoy the game more accessible & more comfortably with powerful automatic functions.

In this part, the game Anger of Stichồng 5: Zombie, Stickman the Flash is a little better. In the Fifth version, you can gather up khổng lồ 6 teammates with a chất lượng fighting style and unique weapons lớn wipe out enemies from the neighborhood, search, & bring uninfected people to safety.

Also, in the fifth version, you can experience both single-mode và Zombie mode. Players need lớn master a lot of skills, dodging enemy attacks lớn reduce damage.

Overview of the Highlight Features

Below are some exciting features that attract millions of users to download & enjoy the game:

The game has an attractive sầu classic action game on the phoneThe graphics design is simple. It is even not a 3D or 4D graphics. However, the stiông chồng style is fascinating.The anger of Stiông chồng 3 comes with three different game modes, so the player doesn’t get boredNine types of characters for players to lớn choose from, including Kungfu, Blade, Gun, Machin, robot shotgun & WarriorEspecially in this version, the game comes with unlimited money feature.You can enjoy both single-mode và zombie mode.The game has a level-up system khổng lồ experience the features in the game.A compelling story with zombie, citizen, và so many exciting concepts. Also, you can use multiple weapons to lớn attack monsters.

Visual và Sound Quality

Graphics Design

The developer team did a great job of designing funny animated graphics for this game. And we have lớn say that the graphic design is meticulous and elaborate with dramatic action scenes, super excellent martial arts skills & more. This game is a simple găng tay relief game that is even suitable for those who don’t lượt thích khổng lồ play games or people who use low profile devices.

However, the game’s weapon system varied with a variety of weapons ranging from primitive sầu lớn modern, including sticks, knives, & various guns. The weapons in the game are not described as the real thing. It has only basic features, but it is desirable.

The highlight of the graphics in the game is not the realistic simulation details or diverse facial expressions. The principle of this game’s graphics is the smooth, dramatic, continuous, & impressive sầu action scenes.

Sound Quality

If you want us to lớn describe the sound of the Anger of Stick 4 in one word, then the word could be “funny.” This game is straightforward. You can’t find in Anger of Stiông chồng 4 complex sound combinations nor beautiful soundtrack. These features are the outstanding features of other simulation games.

This game’s main sound effects are just effects of the action screens with short sound, which is “sweet” và attractive sầu. This sound makes the game both attractive sầu & depicting action scenes while being funny.

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The Bottom Line

The Anger of Stiông chồng 4 is the fourth version after the previous versions’ success with new enhancements that provide players with breathtaking & attractive sầu fighting action scenes with stiông chồng figures. The game helps you entertain after school, release work áp lực, and have sầu more fun.

In the game Anger of Stichồng 4, the Stick nhân vật must continue to fight against enemies with extreme power and kill. With many more outstanding features, surely the Anger of Stiông chồng game will bring a charming way of entertaining for many users. Let’s download it now and experience it by yourself. And don’t forget khổng lồ leave sầu a comment and nội dung it with us!

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