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Here you can download Windows 7 Games for Windows 11. You will get Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Minesweeper, FreeCell, Hearts và the rest of the classic thẻ and board games of the phối. The games will continue working where you left off.

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Starting in Windows 8, Microsoft no longer ships classic games with the OS. Instead, it offers you a Store version of the games. The new games include ads, have sầu worse performance, và come with a different gameplay. Many users are not happy with that change. This is where the classic Windows 7 Games package comes inlớn play.

Follow the thiết đặt wizard, & select which games you want lớn install on Windows 11.
Click on the Finish button. Now you have Windows 7 Games installed in Windows 11!

That"s very easy.

Tip: You can verify the downloaded file. The exe pháo installer has the following checksums:

MD5: 708d12491aaa472f0bf498544c03e4b0

SHA256: 1a8199a2d52b54019b2353b838c6bede5234ebcf8e2615584ede11d71de1e1f0

To check it, open Windows Terminal by pressing Win + X on the keyboard & selecting Windows Terminal. If needed, switch khổng lồ the PowerShell profile. Then type the following commvà.

Get-FileHash path oWindows7Games_for_Windows_11_10_8.exe

The default run will calculate the SHA256 sum. To verify the MD5 checksum, exedễ thương the command:

Get-FileHash path oWindows7Games_for_Windows_11_10_8.exe cộ -Algorithm MD5

You can save sầu your time by adding the file hash context thực đơn lớn File Explorer.

Now, let"s see how khổng lồ launch the games after you have sầu installed them.

Launch the installed games

Cliông chồng the Start button and then cliông xã on All apps.
Under the Games folder, you will find the whole set of classic Windows games.

You are done! Play your favorite games now.

The Windows 7 Games package is compatible with all builds of Windows Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1 & Windows 8. The danh mục of available games includes.

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SolitaireSpider SolitaireMinesweeperFreeCellHeartsChess TitansMahjong TitansPurble Place

There are also Internet Games, Internet Spades, Internet Checkers và Internet Backgammon. Unfortunately, Microsoft has turned off the game servers for them, so they no longer connect to them out of the box. That"s why they are unchecked by default in the installer.

Supported languages & locales

The games included in this package come with a full mix of language resources. The installer is able khổng lồ determine which languages you have sầu installed in your OS, và extract only the required resources to lớn save your disk spaces and don"t fill it with redundant files.

So, thanks lớn the above sầu optimization, the games will always run in your native language, matching the current locale of your Windows version. The following languages are supported.

Arabic (Saudi Arabia), ar-SA Bulgarian (Bulgaria), bg-BG Czech (Czech Republic), cs-CZ Danish (Denmark), da-DK German (Germany), de-DE Greek (Greece), el-GR English (United States), en-US Spanish (Spain, International Sort), es-ES Estonian (Estonia), et-EE Finnish (Finland), fi-FI French (France), fr-FR Hebrew (Israel), he-IL Croatian (Croatia), hr-HR Hungarian (Hungary), hu-HU Italian (Italy), it-IT Japanese (Japan), ja-JP Korean (Korea), ko-KR Lithuanian (Lithuania), lt-LT Latvian (Latvia), lv-LV Norwegian, Bokmål (Norway), nb-NO Dutch (Netherlands), nl-NL Polish (Poland), pl-PL Portuguese (Brazil), pt-BR Portuguese (Portugal), pt-PT Romanian (Romania), ro-RO Russian (Russia), ru-RU Slovak (Slovakia), sk-SK Slovenian (Slovenia), sl-SI Serbian (Latin, Serbia và Montenegro (Former)), sr-Latn-CS Swedish (Sweden), sv-SE Tnhị (Thailand), th-TH Turkish (Turkey), tr-TR Ukrainian (Ukraine), uk-UA Chinese (Simplified, China), zh-công nhân Chinese (Traditional, Taiwan), zh-TW

Silent installation (deployment)

The installer supports the /S switch, so it will install the games automatically without user interaction. The S letter must be capitalized, it is a mandatory requirement.

Run it as follows from a batch tệp tin or from any console.

Windows7Games_for_Windows_11_10_8.exe cộ /S

If you are using PowerShell, you may need to lớn enter the full path khổng lồ the binary or prepend it with the ./ path portion, lượt thích this:

./Windows7Games_for_Windows_11_10_8.exe pháo /S

After that, the games will be silently installed và registered in Windows 11.

If Windows 7 games don"t work after upgrading Windows 11

If you have sầu upgraded from a previous Windows version, or you have sầu installed a newer build of Windows 11 over the older one, the games will stop working. You"ll have khổng lồ reinstall them. Simply reinstall the package. Do it as follows.

Clichồng on Apps > Apps and features.
In the danh mục of installed apps on the right, find the Windows 7 Games for Windows 11, 10 và 8 entry.Cliông chồng on Uninstall và wait till the uninstaller ứng dụng removes the games.
Now, run the game installer once again. They will start working again.

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I recommkết thúc you to lớn remove the Windows 7 games before you installing a new build of Windows 11. Once you nâng cấp the OS, install them again và continue lớn play. They will preserve sầu your stats and scores.

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