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a position in relation to others higher or lower, showing the importance or authority of the person having it:
a position in an organization such as the government, army, etc. that shows the importance of someone"s job compared to other positions:
high/low/middle rank The committee usually consists of people of a higher rank than the person being interviewed.
Despite his lack of Cabinet rank, U.N. diplomats said that the US representative would be listened to carefully.
a particular position in a list that shows how important, good, profitable, etc. something is compared to other things of the same type:
the first/top/highest rank of sth A big merger would put the firm into the first rank of global companies.

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the ranks of sth The deal will help them join the ranks of the established leaders in the mobile phone market.
to have or be put into a position on a list of other similar things or people, that compares their importance, level of success, etc.:
rank third/thirtieth, etc. The chemical company will rank 17th among U.S. chemical companies based on sales.
be ranked third/thirtieth, etc. The Japan fund has gone from strength to strength and is ranked fourth in its sector.
When facing a number of challenges, it is often useful to rank their importance so appropriate attention can be provided.

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rank sth according to/by sth Cities were ranked according to how many international conferences they hosted.
To standardize the e results, species were ranked from overall low to high density of trees 10 cm dbh.
However, as correlations elucidate relative differences or ranks and not absolute amounts, this should not affect the conclusions.