Prepositional phrase là gì


Bài học của chúng ta hôm nay đã tập trung vào phần đông nhiều giới từ trong vnạp năng lượng phong học tập thuật các bạn buộc phải tận dụng tối đa tiếp tục.

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The Guide to the Semi-Colon in English was written by Keith Pedant in conjunction with a team of researchers at Boardsi mê University. In comparison with previous works on the semin-colon, this is a very substantial volume. In addition to the main text there are a number of appendices. These are to lớn some extent the most useful parts of the books as, in line with modern linguistic practice, they provide a wealth of real data. In spite of its potentially dry topic, the book contains many fascinating examples in the sections dealing with the history of the semi-colon in particular. With the exception of the final chapter, this book may be of some interest to the general reader as well as the speciamenu but on the whole is mainly for those who have a professional interest in punctuation marks.

Cụ thể:




in conjunction with

Together with

Cùng với

In comparison with

In comparison with

Được đối chiếu với

In addition to

To add more

Thêm vào đó

in line with

Equiralent to

Tương xứng với

With the exception

Not including

Ngoại trừ

On the whole


Nói chung


Now, at this stage in the proceedings it"s my pleasure khổng lồ introduce our speaker tonight, Dr Anna Klein, the country’s leading family history specialist. Anna,

I’d like teo welcome you on behalf of all our members.

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Thank you. My own interest in the subject came about as a result of discovering some old letters in the attic at home. I found them by chance. They"d been written by some relatives who"d emigrated lớn Canada a hundred years or so before and for me, as a ten-year-old then, they were by far the most exciting things I had ever read. They were, for the most part, extremely well-written &, from then on, I was determined to lớn learn as much as I could about my family. In other words’, I had started out on my genealogical journey. In some ways, I was very lucky. Iwas able to lớn collect quite a bit of key family information on the basis of the old letters & this enabled me to lớn traông chồng down some relations living in Montreal. They, in turn, provided some contacts with Australian cousins and so it continued. In the process, I"ve learnt a great giảm giá khuyến mãi, not only about my own family, hut also in terms of how to approach tracing one"s family. In most respects, it’s been a thoroughly enjoyable adventure though there have sầu been some difficult moments ...



at this stage

Now= Bây giờ

on behalf of

Representing = Thay mặt cho

by chance

Accidentally= Ngẫu nhiên

by far

Cho mang lại nay

for the most part

= generally – nói chung

In other words’,

= khổng lồ express something differently = nói một biện pháp khác

in terms of

As far as ...= về phương diện ...

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In most respects

Considering most aspects of the experience – nói Tóm lại, ...

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