Social sector organizations often find that time & resources are in short supply.

Offered by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Programme on Social Innovation, the Hong Kong NGO Governance Programme addresses this issue of NGO governance by investing in Hong Kong’s NGO practitioners, equipping them with valuable leadership skills, connecting them with strategic mentors, & matching them with business professionals to serve as potential members of their boards of directors.

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Operated by the Rustandy Center for Social Sector Innovation, the Hong Kong NGO Governance Programme is designed lớn help NGOs strengthen the impact of their work by investing in the professional growth of their leaders and connecting them with business professionals interested in lending their time và talents lớn the social sector. The Programme is divided inlớn three components, detailed below.

Programme Components

Nonprofits bộ vi xử lý Core Competency (NCC) WorkshopsLed by University of Chicago faculty, the four-part worksiêu thị series will unpachồng vital leadership topics, including board competency and talent management, operational efficiency, organizational innovation, and impact measurement, and equip NGO professionals with research-based tools to lớn leverage strategic skills in their everyday work. Learn more & register to participate.

Mentorship OpportunitiesNGOs that participate in the first session of the workcửa hàng series can indicate their interest in being matched with a strategic mentor. Participants will giới thiệu information on their organization"s priorities & one of the biggest issues they are hoping to lớn tackle (like talent retention, fundraising, strategy planning, & more), & the programme team will work lớn recruit mentors with matching experience và business expertise.

Board Committee ConnectNGOs that participate in the workshop series or the mentorship programme can also indicate their interest in being matched by the programme team with business professionals to lớn serve sầu on their boards of directors, board committees that welcome non-board members, or khổng lồ serve as strategic advisors.

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About The Hong Kong Jockey Club Programme on Social Innovation

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Programme on Social Innovation provides resources & programs to help the city’s NGOs, nonprofit leaders, & social entrepreneurs bởi vì their best work. Operated by the Rustandy Center, the programme offers a range of opportunities, including scholarships, social entrepreneurship workshops, và trainings for NGO boards of directors và board members.

Learn More about the Programme

Get Involved

Applications for the Hong Kong NGO Governance Programme are now open. Learn more và apply.

Questions?Contact Kalmond Ma.

Our events provide insights inlớn the social sector, helping our community make the world more equitable và sustainable.

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Attend a Rustandy Center Event

COVID-19 has presented unparalleled challenges khổng lồ the global community. How can NGOs continue lớn serve their communities when the entire world needs help?

Steering Vulnerable Communities Through Crisis

Some of Linda Ginzel"s helpful strategies include: turn off default mode, build trust by listening, & learn from experience.