Links for blade & soul skin mods


Hello, I have 2 questions và I"m quite new here, so anything you can tell me I appreciate it.

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1. What are the different ways lớn get outfits/hairstyles etc? Are they lượt thích armor or there is no armor in this game? I THINK that I get outfits while I advance with the story but there are some "Achievement points" that you can use to buy outfits? I"m not sure. 


2. Are mods legal? Cause I"ve seen a lot of mods for it that all it does is lớn simply replace the files of an outfit with another, the same with hairstyles. Can I get banned for doing that?


Thats pretty much everything. Thanks a lot.

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Posted August 19, 2017


Posted August 19, 2017

You"re new here obviously, so I"ll enlighten you. 

1: There is no "armor" in this game, only your weapon, soul shield, and accessories (including pets, souls, và badges) give you your stats; the only ones among them with a cosmetic appearance are your weapon và your pet (pet is optional).

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There are several ways of obtaining outfits:

-Quests (Most basic outifts will drop during the story) 

-Dungeon drops (Sometimes running dungeons will get you an outfit drop, however in a các buổi party runs, players have to lớn bid for it in an auction system), --Events (doing activities specified in events will often net you a special currency that can get you an outfit)

-Daily dash (very rare nowadays, haven"t seen an outfit in DD since last year)

-In trò chơi marketplace (VERY FEW outfits can be traded, you"ll find them in f5, they"re usually expensive)

-Achievement merchant in zaiwei (you"ll need I believe at least 1500 achievement points to buy from this merchant, press U lớn check)

-Transmutating fabrics (fabrics can be obtained from salvaging outfits ONLY from the hongmoon store, or bought in the marketplace, transmutation tab is at the bottom of your inventory)

-Item mall/hongmoon store (You purchase these with real money or hongmoon coins; you can obtain hongmoon coins from venture tokens which can be found as a rare drop from loot chests, daily dash spot (you need khổng lồ be lucky), surprise prize (for premium members only), seasonal rewards, or otherwise). 2. Read here for info on NCSOFTs stance on modding: 

Even still, other people firmly believe they have to lớn be on their best behavior for something GMs don"t actively crack down on (and even use themselves) và will pull others down with them. If you are THAT scared of ToS, then don"t bother.