Maid sama!


For those who went down the Rom-Com rabbit hole, Kaichou Wa Maid-Samadoes not need much introduction.

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If you wonder what it means, let me make it clear. Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama when translated, means – “The Class President is a Maid”.

It gained fans all over the globe for its impeccable depiction of romance & drama.

Comedy has been so subtle in this, that the viewers could not resist laughing. Another reason why it gained popularity was realism.

Maid Sama portrayed the romance between Misaki and Usui as a natural part of the plot.

The main conflict in the story was about how Misaki tried lớn lead two opposing lives, secretly.

The “Damsel in distress” and her secret life ensured that the viewers were glued lớn the screens.

It was one of the rare instances where an anime season contained more than 24 episodes.

All the episodes were adapted from its manga. The first season was aired between April và September 2010.

But now the question is, where is the second season? Let"s find out!

Everything we know about Maid Sama so far

The characters of Maid Sama were not some out-of-the-world perfect characters. They were crafted in a way that made them look real, natural, và relatable.

The main two characters are – Ayuzawa Misaki and Usui Takumi. Their lives, story, và relationships are what the anime is primarily about.

Misaki, though a senior, is a new entrant khổng lồ the Seiki High School. The notable thing about this institution is that it was a boys’ only school before.

It recently opened up for girls too. Being a very sincere and smart student, Misaki gets elected as the president of the student council.

She was aware of all the pitfalls of the school. Her determined attitude inspired her lớn take steps lớn discipline the school.

Not many knew about her life outside school. Though she was a celebrity inside, her life outside was very harsh.

Her father abandoned the family long back. This put that heavy responsibility on the shoulders of Misaki và her mother.

After her mother got sick, she was forced to fend for her family. This is when she joined the Maid Latte café for work.

She kept her outside life a secret, at school. She fears that she may thất bại her powerful aura if anyone finds out about her hard life.

However, things take a tough turn when she bumps into Usui Takumi, at the café.

Usui is a popular guy who is also at thesame school. He recognizes the school president in a maid uniform at the café.

Though she fears that he may let the cat out of the bag, he does not.

Her secret remains between them as he does not utter a word about it to anyone outside.

Usui is an all-rounder at school & this also attracts Misaki. Soon, they fall in love and they confess their feelings toeach other.

This is where Season 1 ends.

Official Announcements và Release date of Maid Sama Season 2

Unfortunately, there is no official announcement và release date for Maid Sama season 2.

Also, it was not denied that season 2 will not happen.

This is where the good part is. The production house – J. C. Staff Studio has not denied the concept of a Season 2.

Though there are some murmurs that there will be no Season 2 as there has been enough delay, it’s wrong khổng lồ assume so.

Maybe the chances are less but not nil. There have been many popular anime seasons that were released after a long delay.

What motivated the creators in those cases were the constant demand and popular source material.

In this case, both of them are satisfied. Fans want the second season as the story has a lot of potential & can bring one more season of entertainment. Most of the viewers were expecting lớn come around early 2022, but there are still no updates from the creators.

This has led to lớn the fans guessing the future of the anime & what other plots it is going to reveal.

We will resort lớn our analysis by considering the source material, popularity, sales, etc. To lớn make some impactful conclusions.

More Source Material Information for Maid Sama Season 2

Most animes are a way for the creators lớn popularize their source material. But, once an anime is released, the usual trend saw a rise in Manga sales.

This is because the viewers, who are familiar with the anime, become eager lớn know what’s next.

There are a total of 18 volumes (85 chapters) of maid-sama & the last volume was published in 2013. So, manga is over however we need to see how many of these volumesthe animecovers.

Anime covers volume 8 chapter 34. Yes, there are side stories in chapter 19 which is not animated.

Thus for next season, we have more than source material on which anime can be produced. Also, season 2 can be the finale of the anime.

They ran all over 2010 và the special episode came out in 2011. This was lớn supplement the plot and its history.

Episodes of Maid Sama Season 1



Misa is a Maid Sama!

April 1, 2010

Maid-Sama at the School Festival

April 8, 2010

What color is Misaki? Natural Color?

April 15, 2010

Net Idol Aoi

April 22, 2010

First Time Minding the Shop

April 29, 2010

Men & the Ayuzawa Cram School

May 6, 2010

President of Miyabigaoka

May 13, 2010

Misaki Goes khổng lồ Miyabigaoka

May 20, 2010

Maid-Sama Does Momotaro

May 27, 2010

Sakura"s Indie-Label Love

June 3, 2010

The Secret of Takumi Usui Approaches!

June 10, 2010

Maid Sama và the Sports Festival

June 17, 2010

Idiots và Juveniles & Heroes &...

June 24, 2010

"Soutane Kano of Class 1-7"

July 1, 2010

B. Rabbit at the mở cửa Campus

July 8, 2010

Maid Latte at the Beach House

July 15, 2010

Usui Becomes the Enemy

July 22, 2010

Maid Sama is a Footman

July 29, 2010

Footman Through a Change of Pairs

Aug 5, 2010

"The Vice President is a Prince?

Aug 12, 2010

Usui"s Rival?! Hinata Shintani

Aug 19, 2010

Tag at the Forest School

Aug 26, 2010

Maid Latte & a Whole Bunch of Sweets

Sept2, 2010

Lovey-Dovey Through Latte Magic ♥

Sept 9, 2010

Hinata & Misaki & Usui

Sept 16, 2010

Too Cruel Ayuzawa và Usui the Idiot!

Sept 23, 2010

It"s an Omake (New Special Episode)

May 11, 2011

Popularity Details of Maid Sama Season 2

An anime is popular when a lot of people talk about it. The whole idea behind the trending feature of social truyền thông media is khổng lồ show it.

When something is talked about for a long time, it cements popularity. Social media websites lượt thích Twitter give a decent insight into this.

So bởi the organic google searches. Let’s analyze them one by one.

Twitter Activity

On Twitter, there are many fans dedicated khổng lồ season 2. Many among them are constantly demanding from the creators lớn consider season 2.

But no response from creators is out yet, so we are left khổng lồ wonder if they are busy doing more important projects.

Google Trends

Google trend shows the relative trend of a particular keyword. In this case "Maid Sama Season 2"search was picked from late 2020 till the beginning of 2021.

But after that, it fell và remained below 5% of the peak value.

We should not thua trận hope as it"s common in anime medium to delay upcoming seasons.

Google Search

Google searches can be considered one of the most important metrics for popularity as it directly shows how many people are searching monthly for the next season.

Globally around 13K people search for the term "Maid Sama Season 2" per month.

US has the most searches with a whopping 4.2K per month.

Expected Plot of Maid Sama Season 2

Season 1 ended with Usui and Misaki opening their hearts & letting each other know their feelings.

Misaki on one hand was reeling in confusion with her feelings while Usui was afraid of rejection.

Maid Sama Season 2 will continue from where Season 1 stopped.

If you refer khổng lồ the manga comics which came out after Episode 26, you’d get an idea of what will happen in Season 2.

There have been a total of 85 main episodes và more than 10 side stories.

This means that Season 2 if at all it comes, will not be able to cover all the source materials.

Some of the events which may probably appear in Season 2 are also in the Manga.

They include school elections, outdoor camping, a conflict with Usui, và relapse with more love.

Like the previous season, season 2 will also contain a set of all these.

Why bởi we needMaid-Sama Season 2?

There can be more than one factor that influences the future of an anime next season.

This can be either the profits from it or the source material. But, please know that there are a lot of other factors as well – demand, fandom, etc.

Maid Sama Season 1 showed a constant conflict among one of the main characters. Misaki battles the troubles in her life while putting on a brave face.

Usui happens to witness a different face of Misaki and is surprised. Misaki was not afraid khổng lồ be herself before him.

But, she feared that he may spread the word about her presence at the café, as a maid.

Again, let’s not think she feared her maid job would belittle her. She feared that she had to explain everything behind why she did that job.

Misaki was no ordinary girl who was barely known. She was a representative of students and a popular face.

Once she realized that Usui, is trustworthy, she opens up to lớn him. But, she also had very troubled relationships with men in her life before.

From her father to others she met. Season 2 of this anime would focus on her conflicts within herself.

Will she be sure & confident lớn be with Usui? How will she confirm that he will not betray her?

Will Usui understand her situation and support her? There are many questions in the fans’ minds.

So a Season 2 is a must for this.

Online Reactions for Maid Sama Season 2

Online reactions nowadays can be considered a very important factorfor the next season of any anime.

So, let’s analyze them from the other popular websites.





A 2019 Forbes article by Lauren Orsini called it one of the best Anime of 2010.

Maid Sama Rating & Reviews

There are some movie & anime websites that rate and đánh giá anime series. This is to lớn give you a better idea to lớn understand the success of Maid Sama.

Let’s take a look at IMDb’s ratings for Maid Sama. The highest number of votes went lớn rating it 10/10 while the second-highest went to lớn 8/10.

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The next highest number of votes went khổng lồ rate it 9/10. The number of votes for the anime rating is below 5, which was minimal.

But, this impacted the overall ratings and this is why the median rating fell lớn 8/10.

Here are the ratings from all popular websites:











Before we go into the sales & profitdata, you must know some reactions from famous reviewers.


Top Five Best-Rated Episodes

Maid Sama is an excellent choice for people who love good romantic comedies. It will leave you exhausted from laughing but still wanting more.

Let"s take a look at the đứng đầu five best-rated episodes from the show.

1. Men và the Ayuzawa Cram School (Episode 6)

This episode has a rating of 4.7/5 on MyAnimeList. This episode starts with Misaki getting a group of fans made of the Inuyama brothers.

But the weird thing is that the brothers are obsessed with her. They want to know everything about her.

2. First Time Minding the shop (Episode 5)

This episode has a rating of 4.6/5 on MyAnimeList. Misaki does not take Satsuki seriously when she warns Misaki about a group of stalkers who are after hóa trang cafes.

3. The Secret of Takumi Usui Approaches! (Episode 11)

This episode has a rating of 4.6/5 on MyAnimeList. This episode is a mess but in a good way. Takumi helps a lady with her groceries, and the kind woman invites him over for tea.

But the drama begins when he realizes it is Misaki"s trang chủ and the lady is Misaki"s mother.

4. Bespectaled Rabbits Rabbit at the mở cửa Campus (Episode 15)

This episode has a rating of 4.6/5 on MyAnimeList. In this episode, Kanou tried lớn hypnotize Misaki but failed as she did not sleep at all.

So to make Kanou pay, she tells him to lớn help with the xuất hiện House Cafeteria.

5. Footmen Through a Change of Paris (Episode 19)

This episode has a rating of 4.6/5 on MyAnimeList. The second round of the Footman auditions is where it all begins.

Takumi và Misaki made it further in the audition & were able to set up a classy table for afternoon tea.

Maid Sama Manga, DVD/Blu-Ray, Merchandise Sales

Sales & Profit play a vital role in deciding the sequels. This is because they are what interests the creators" work.

If fan loyalty is something that will convince them, they surely will have a sequel.

Usually, the profit margins on an anime episode are less compared khổng lồ the Manga. Anime series are more like an advertising model for a lot of other stuff.

They include the source material, DVD/Disc sales, & Merchandise. Let’s look into them individually, below:

Manga Sales

There were a total of 18 episodes for the Manga. Only 4 or 5 of them got telecast as an anime in Season 1.

This leaves enough material for Season 2. And, it also boosted the sales of Manga.

From an estimate seen on, there has been a sale of more than 15,000 copies.

This can be partly attributed khổng lồ the hype created by Anime.

DVD/Blu-Ray Sales

DVD/Blu-Ray discs contribute khổng lồ around 15 – 20% of the revenue for an anime series.

This may sound un-profitable và also made many animes a failure. But, if you analyze the intention behind anime, it becomes easier to see it in context.

Estimates show that they raked in around 88.7 million Yen during the initial release. This is close lớn 8 million US dollars.

Though the margin was less, it was profitable and the producers can see that it has done decent work.

Merchandise Sales

For Maid Sama, it was this factor that brought in a lot of money. The conservative estimate pegs it at 60 – 70%.

Anime series can promote a lot of products making it a booming industry. Some of the products which were sold as merchandise were:

SweatshirtsHoodiesPinsBadgesDigital PrintsPhone covers etc

They are supposed khổng lồ be doing sales even today, as fans wait for Season 2.

The average cost of a hàng hóa is 10$ which makes it very cheap. This model would be targeting more of a bulk sale with small margins.

Etsy stores still show a lot of stock available for these products. Bonus: they all come with a good review projection.

Production cost and success of Maid Sama

Though there is no specific information about the production cost, there are some standards for it.

These averages are industry standards. It would cost around 120 – 140 million Yen to create và broadcast a 30-minute-long episode.

This is around 12 million US dollars. Please keep in mind that the episodes of Maid Sama Season 1 were approximately 24 minutes long.

They had 26 episodes & one special episode. This would make it cost around 324 million US Dollars.

The main source of revenue would not be through anime. So the success of it depends on the total collections made under the brand.

After analyzing the manga, merchandise, & DVD/Blu-ray profit, you can gọi it a decent success.

Popular Maid Sama Characters

Here are some of the characters who have appeared in the first season one & are most likely to lớn appear in season 2.

Misaki Ayuzawa


Misaki is a protagonist who is a new entrant to the High School. This high school was opened up for girls, very recently.

She has strained relations with her father và other men. She’s a girl who despised men, to lớn put it short.

This made her resent and hate their presence. She takes up the job of a Maid at a café to support herself.

For a long, it was her mother who raised her. Once her mother got sick, she took up the financial responsibility on her shoulders.

She is adept at Aikido and shows a strong image of herself. After she wins the Presidential election, she finds herself in a tough situation.

Usui, a classmate runs into her at the café. He is shocked but understands her situation & also promises to keep hersecret.

Misaki falls in love with him & tells him about it, at the kết thúc of Season 1.

Usui Takumi

Takumi Usui is a tall youngster who is acceptable at basically everything. That is what makes him popular at his school.

Regardless of his ability, he never takes a serious interest in anything. He prefers to lớn be an onlooker.

After he runs into her external Maid Cafe, he falls in love with her.

Misaki frequently ignores or tolerates his emotions towards her as a provocation. She even considers him a " perverted outer-space alien".

But, he remains unaffected by this and continues to lớn chase her. He even offers her a lot of helpful guidance.

This is mostly on how she can manage the men of the school, strategically. Ultimately he earns her respect and is the only male to bởi vì so.

He keeps his past under wraps. The only thing which is revealed is that he has an elder sibling.

Satsuki Hyoudou

He’s Misaki’s childhood friend who had a crush on her. But, he married Suzana Ayuzawa, later.

He’s social, naïve, and cheerful. Hinata was very determined to marry Misaki và never resented or got envious of Usui.

He is someone who’s very popular among his friends and carries an innocent aura around him.

But, at the same time, he stands his ground và can be assertive.

Other decisive factors for Maid Sama Season 2

All the above factors which we discussed cover almost everything.

Still few factors lượt thích the ending of the previous season, controversies, & trailers can give crucial clues.

Maid Sama Ending Explained

The ending of Season 1 is the biggest trigger for Season 2. It was not something that ended in all totality.

The story makers ensured that there was a bit of mystery and suspense. Usui và Misaki were from two different backgrounds.

A lot of their personality traits were poles apart. The ending showed their confession. While Usui was steadfast, Misaki showed signs of hesitation.

Misaki may have appeared a little malleable but her wounds were fresh. She never had a strong relationship with any man in her life.

Her idea of what men were was not something positive. The rest of the story is about how she fights the internal battle.


Since there has been no official announcement, there is no trailer for Season 2.

Once an official update and confirmation come, we will let you know.


Maid Sama attracted some negative đánh giá because of some stereotyping.

The gender roles were under criticism (for sexism) and some sequences were called Shoujo.

Some reviewers even critiqued the layouts & the character portrayal. They found it to lớn be over-talkative.

Takumi, a character was unnecessary according khổng lồ some reviewers. This is because they felt that the character did not vì chưng much of a service khổng lồ the plot.

Also, she was called a cheap plot trick (which refers to a character that is relevant at only one point và could have been avoided).


Maid Sama is a romantic-comedy series that was guaranteed lớn make the viewers giggle. It gained appreciation & acceptance from a huge audience.

Though it was not the one thatwould cause rip-roaring laughter, it was funny enough lớn be called humorous.

The point of attraction was the realism in the sequence of events.

Had they focussed on making the movie into a utopia of love, it would have gone unnoticed.

It’s not easy to make the audience consume 26 episodes of pure Rom-Com. Let not the lack of official announcements worry you.

Hunter X Hunter is an anime that saw a long time between the release of two Seasons.

There are many more such instances to cite here.

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