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a mix of newspapers or magazines published at the same time or a single copy of a newspaper or magazine:
An issue of shares is a time when a company gives people the chance khổng lồ buy part of it or gives extra shares to lớn people who already own some.
The school issued a statement about its plans lớn the press./The school issued the press with a statement about its plans.
I lượt thích my hair this way – I don’t see why you have khổng lồ make an issue of it (= cause it to be a problem).
a group or series, or one of a group or series, of things that are supplied, made available, or printed at the same time:
at/on issue While the shares dipped below the price at issue, some buying tư vấn lifted the stoông chồng baông chồng inlớn positive sầu territory.

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Since it is the largest issue và the market is witnessing poor performance, investors might not get value.
a group or series, or one of a group or series, of things that are made available, published, or printed at the same time:
an issue of a journal/magazine/newspaper The latest issue of the journal features interviews with twelve sầu great business leaders.
address/tackle/resolve sầu an issue The service offers confidential help to lớn filers who cannot resolve an issue through normal channels.
issue a report/statement/warning A competitor issued a statement calling its bid superior khổng lồ the one that had been accepted.

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issue a warrant/writ The judge issued a writ of possession, an order that allowed the ngân hàng khổng lồ take possession of the collateral.
A key issue in the book is an analysis of the experience with the application of economic instruments, such as charges và tradable discharge permits.
In the above conversation, the nurse followed up her responsibilities agreed at the discharge planning meeting regarding discussing discharge issues with the patient.
Perhaps also surprisingly, the number of refereed papers on food chất lượng và human health issues were similar for both conventional và organic retìm kiếm.
Further investigation is required, because the issues are too important for simply assuming that persistence and intractability necessarily imply an organic genesis.





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