The goal of this grower-funded research initiative is to lớn seek out new and improved zoysiagrass varieties, especially disease resistant ones.

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In late 2006 he announced an initiative địa chỉ cửa hàng class rankings to student transcripts as a counterweight to lớn grade inflation.
His first leadership initiative was the establishment of an extensive education và outreach program.
The aim of the initiative is lớn encourage people to change from cars lớn buses và thus reduce traffic congestion.
The university actively works in the field of sustainable community development through its various social responsibility initiatives.
Fourthly, for function declarations, the declaration và the initialization are both hoisted lớn the đứng đầu of the function, unlike for variable initialization.
This is primarily used in for loops, which have an initialization statement separate from the loop condition, unlike while loops, & is a common idiom.
Such initialization thus generally takes a long time & involves cryptographically locking each monitored object and the checksum databases or worse.
This micro crack can initiate permanent plastic deformation which results in large crack propagation or failure.
Seeker, unable to lớn initiate the time travel sequence fast enough, warns the guests to lớn brace themselves.
With enrollment in 1967 exceeding two hundred, the school initiated a capital campaign to raise $500,000 for a new facility.

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He was satisfied with lecturing in his "bet ha-midrash" lớn a few chosen pupils, whom he initiated into his methods.
He initiated further fireproofing measures lượt thích having windows closed with bricks và having iron doors installed.
The initial thử nghiệm goes well at first, but eventually the teleportation field destabilizes, growing out of control as the failsafe mechanism refuses to lớn engage.
The disease is progressive & may cause death two or three years after the initial lesions, & is more frequent in men.
The initial appearance of purpura fulminans lesions is of well-demarcated erythematous lesions which progress rapidly to lớn develop irregular central areas of blue-black haemorrhagic necrosis.
Initial development plans on the island had been modest: light industrial development và a low rise business park.
Động từ bỏ chuyên mục chia hễ từ của phân chia động từ và tra cứu giúp với thể loại của Phân mục này bao hàm cả những cách chia động tự bất qui tắc. Chia động từ
cụm từ và Mẫu câu phân mục Cụm từ và Mẫu câu hồ hết câu nói thông dụng trong giờ Việt dịch sang 28 ngữ điệu khác. Các từ & Mẫu câu
Treo Cổ Treo Cổ bạn có nhu cầu nghỉ giải lao bởi một trò chơi? Hay bạn muốn học thêm từ bỏ mới? Sao không gộp chung cả nhị nhỉ! Chơi

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