Heroes Of Might And Magic® 5: Bundle

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a game by Nival, Inc.
Platform: PC
Editor Rating: 8.5/10, based on 1 review, 2 nhận xét are shown
User Rating: 6.8/10 - 10 votes
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What we have here with Heroes of Might và Magic 5: Tribes of the East is an expansion for Might & Magic V. This was actually the second expansion & it was released all the way back in 2007. What I liked about Tribes of the East was that it actually felt like a substantial update lớn the game which was something I felt the previous expansion, Hammers of Fate.

Three Become One

The story of Heroes of Might và Magic 5: Tribes of the East is pretty awesome, but to get the most out of it you vì chưng have to lớn have played through Hammers of Fate as it is a direct continuation. The story is split into three campaigns all of which are tied together by a single-story thread.


For a trò chơi that is over a decade old, the storytelling here is pretty great. The campaigns are focused around three factions. Necropolis, Academy and the brand-new faction that was added lớn this expansion, Stronghold.

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Win The War In Style

In case you did not know, Heroes of Might and Magic 5: Tribes of the East is a turn-based tactics game and a damn fine one at that. You need khổng lồ get new people into your faction và then go about strategizing what the best way to lớn win each battle is. What this expansion has done is tidy up the UI a bit which makes getting certain spells, units and so on that little bit quicker which has a far greater positive impact on gameplay than you would think.

When you take a creature into your ranks, you can decide what kind of upgrades to deck them out with which I like. Overall, they have made many positive changes to the game và fixed the annoying bugs that the first expansion had. It all adds up khổng lồ make this a much more enjoyable experience.

Where Are My Friends?

Ok, so as far as I know there is no “official” way to lớn actually play this trò chơi online anymore which really does suck. I know there are workarounds, but the official servers being closed kind of does suck, especially when you consider that they still sell this trò chơi on Steam for pretty much full price!

The maps editor & way you can have fun with that is kind of pointless without being able to nội dung them if you ask me. Still, this is a part of the game that I have had fun with và if you have friends around you can play the edited maps that way.

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If you are a fan hâm mộ of the Might và Magic series then you will really like Heroes of Might và Magic 5: Tribes of the East. In many ways, if you ask me this is what the first expansion should have been. It is great to see that they listened to the fans and improved the things that people had problems with.

Final Score: 8.5/10


I like how there are three campaignsThe storytelling is very well doneSome very clever & imaginative creature designsThe gameplay is strategic, but also a lot of funI lượt thích the new Stronghold faction they added


No official way khổng lồ play onlineThey really should have made this the first expansion!
reggie posted a review
Overall rating: 8.5