GAME is a Danish based street sport NGO founded in 2002. The organization is lead by a voluntary board & managed by a dedicated team working from HQ in Copenhagene và country và partner offices in EMEA.

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GAME has turned to lớn the idea of using sports as a vehicle for social change & through the years the organization has gained extensive experiences, which has allowed for the development of innovative methods lớn support the SDG agendomain authority.

The youth leaders in GAME are called Playmakers. An important part of GAME’s activities is thus lớn offer training khổng lồ young people in order lớn empower them lớn take a role as peer-to-peer sports instructors và role models. This Mã Sản Phẩm of investing in capathành phố building of youth has proven itself as a sustainable way of creating impact.

Since 2010 the organization has increasingly focused its strategic efforts on establishing innovative sầu street sports facilities as a framework for the impact. In 2021, GAME developed a container-based Smartphone street sports facility concept khổng lồ be implemented in Beirut during the coming year lớn benefit both refugee và local children and youth.

With innovation at its core và constantly on the lookout for new ways of scaling the impact, GAME developed in 2017 its first emergency relief initiative targeted victims of the Syrian crisis. In 2021 the Street Sports Incubator earlier implemented in Jordan was transferred khổng lồ Lebanon, where young social & business entrepreneurs incl. refugees were selected for a six-months journey. After receiving their seed grants, the viability of the initiatives will be tested by the market.

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GAME"s funding comes from Foundations (50%), Local Municipalities (23%), Govenment (14%), & Earned Income from membership fees, events, corporate sponsors, private donations, etc (13%).The Foundations are primarily providing funding for establishment of street sports facilities & pilot projects. The Municipalities enter 10 year facility operations contracts with GAME. The beneficiaries pay minimal membership và sign-up fees to participate in the activities.
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GAME strives for a world with equal opportunities for all children & youth. To achieve sầu this vision, GAME’s mission is to create lasting social change through youth-led street sports & culture. Many of the nonprofit’s programs seek lớn integrate vulnerable ethnic-minority youth (refugees, IDPs, immigrants, etc.) inkhổng lồ the community & offers the opportunity for them lớn grow as peer-educators and drivers of social change in their local setting.

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The activities are targeted young people in less-advantaged neighborhoods in 8 countries in Europe, The Middle East, and Africa & span across ethnic, religious, & social divides. In 2020 GAME had 1,211 volunteers who facilitated street sports practices, tournaments, workshops, & open gyms in 79 neighborhoods across EMEA (+5% compared lớn 2019). The engagement of this record high number of volunteer role models (+22%) has allowed GAME to maintain the màn chơi of impact despite the pandemic.

During 20đôi mươi, GAME shifted khổng lồ online training of volunteers và developed a risk matrix, which allowed local staff lớn navigate the impact of Covid-19 & ensure safe operations. To keep the children & youth active, some of the creative new initiatives included splitting up the GAME Zones & sending out GAME kits with balls & cones lớn allow for groups of maximum 10 participants to lớn play together. Online practice sessions and videos using the hashtag GAMExHOME was also used lớn keep everyone physically active during lock-down.

Over the last five sầu years, GAME has successfully scaled the impact by providing micro grants worth 2 mill. USD lớn more than 500 youth-led street sports projects. In 2021 this method was exported lớn Lebanon, where the EU as a trusted donor has asked GAME lớn implement the Street Sports Incubator.

An ađáng yêu need for social change in urban areas due lớn an increase in urban youth populations & historically high numbers of people on the move sầu has led GAME to refocus its strategy khổng lồ better address these challenges. At the annual general meeting in 2019, a new strategy with the name “Growing Together” was approved for 2019-2023. The new strategy will allow the organization to lớn scale the impact và improve sầu social cohesion, health và gender echất lượng for underserved urban younger generations (5-25 years old) challenged by marginalization, social economics, and gender & health inequality. By the over of 2021, 103 activities under Growing Together have been completed including a new organizational structure strengthening the cross-cutting functions (e.g. MEL, Innovation) và a new online training tool, which allows for Training-of-Trainers during lockdowns (see

A set of five Design Principles together with an online Innovation Toolbox have also been developed khổng lồ ensure that social kiến thiết & youth-led innovation stays at the forefront. Having an “ear khổng lồ the asphalt”, “playing with the ideas”, & “taking it to the street” to lớn demo the ideas, constitute three of these.

In 2021 GAME’s indoor facility for street sports in Aalborg was awarded the IAKS Award for sports architecture. The sustainable và climate friendly re-use of an abandoned, industrial building and the creation of lasting social change through youth-led sports & culture was what convinced the jury.

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The GAME House in Aalborg has come into lớn being through a social design-based approach with the youth playing a central role. After the first years of operations, the 4 mill. USD facility has attracted more than 4,000 active members of all ages & become the biggest sports provider in Denmark’s fourth largest đô thị.