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in a law court, one thành viên of the jury who is chosen lớn be in charge of their discussions and to speak officially for them
law In a court of law, the foreman on the jury is the person who is in charge of and speaks for the jury.

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a construction/factory/mine foreman The mine foreman was responsible for conducting a pre-shift examination of the mine.

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in a court of law, a thành viên of the jury who is chosen khổng lồ be in charge of the jury"s discussions & to speak officially for them:
The jury foreman read the verdict - reached Friday after 15 hours of deliberation - in a Macomb County courtroom.
Similarly, though foremen & technicians exercise some control over their colleagues, they are in turn subject lớn control by managers.
She attributes this khổng lồ prejudice, which was allowed to lớn operate because of the relative autonomy afforded to factory managers and foremen.
Migrants with longer experience và better language skills helped newcomers in their dealings with foremen, employers, doctors và the police.
The largest reductions occur among foremen (down from 1.57 lớn 1.03) và working class (down from 1.41 lớn 0.76).
Mtisi shows that while the rights of workers have improved since independence, the continuing arbitrary power of the estate"s foremen has meant that little has changed in the production process.
Before them, & profiting from their work, were the foremen, the campsite chiefs, the permisionarios (national contractors), the international contractors, and the chewing gum brokers working for transnational companies.
Now contractors used foremen who stressed worker productivity rather than craftsmen"s former, more self-directed concern for the chất lượng of their work environment, but otherwise change was moderate.
The award does not apply khổng lồ principal foremen or foremen, nor to temporary employés, who are dealt with separately.