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Bạn đang xem: Dragon ball z dokkan battle mod 4

GL: 4.18.2 | JP: 4.19.1
God Mode/Dice Always
August 25, 2021 (37 mins ago)

NOTE: Make sure enable permissions manually if Android 6.0 & above, by going Settings > Apps > trò chơi Name > Permissions | Display over other apps
DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE (MOD, God Mode/Dice Always) will stimulate the player’s experience thanks lớn the high-paced and intense gameplay alongside the iconic characters of the Dragon Ball Z universe.



DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE gives you impressive sầu graphics and completely beautiful & attracts players. They will immerse themselves in the world of Dragon Ball. So, players will love sầu what this game brings in the process of experiencing the game for the first time. Simultaneously, the images bring you nostalgia and are extraordinary for those who love this series. So this is a game that is right for you.

In the world that the game brings, we cannot ignore the characters who become the movie’s souls. Specifically, the game allows you to lớn meet characters from the Dragon Ball Z series and Dragon Ball S. At the same time, the characters featured và appear from the first series are also present in this game. So you will be able lớn experience an enjoyable time with your favorite characters like Son Goku.



DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE offers players enjoyable gameplay that you will love. You will experience many battles with many different characters. At the same time, you will experience a maps, & with each turn, you will receive sầu a certain number. With a number, you will be able khổng lồ progress the corresponding number of steps. When you step to a White square, you will receive sầu a corresponding reward, và the colored boxes will be fighting battles.

The fighting battles are not going as you imagine; you will control the character và attaông xã other players. But equally enjoyable when you will participate in intense matches with chất lượng skills. At the beginning of the game, you will be introduced khổng lồ the game’s mechanics, and you will need lớn read it carefully lớn grasp the gameplay of the game. Simultaneously, the match will be turn-based, và you will need to have sầu specific strategies.

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You và your opponent will face each other, but not lượt thích fighting games. There will be many orbs called Ki Spheres that give sầu you the energy to lớn activate the skill between the two characters. Each character has its color and character type. When the player touches the orbs of the same type as the character, you will receive double the amount of Ki. The rainbow ball is compatible with all kinds of characters.


When it comes lớn gameplay, you will find it similar khổng lồ match-three games as you will try to choose directions with multiple orbs to lớn piông xã up a variety of Ki. Once selected, you will see your character attaông xã the opponent, & when all the enemies are defeated, you will win the game screen. Each team will have sầu three characters with three various attributes, & each player will have sầu a turn and move sầu on khổng lồ another one.


When you have sầu accumulated a certain amount of Ki, you will develop the characters’ chất lượng skills. It is also considered a factor that any player is waiting for. So it’s a pleasure to see how powerful the characters in Dragon Ball really are & how these skills are all based on the movie. Indeed, the game will give sầu players an enjoyable experience and completely immerse themselves in the world that the game brings.


DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE brings users quality experiences and matches that anyone cannot ignore. What contributes khổng lồ the fun of the game are the characters derived from the Dragon Ball series. Players can summon their favorite characters, and each character has certain rarities. Therefore, anyone wants to own their SR or SSR characters.

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Simultaneously, the game also owns a mechanism that any player should consider, the counter between the character genres. Specifically, one type of character will be weaker than one genre and more substantial than another. It will happen in a circle, & you can see it on the right side of the screen. Simultaneously, each color on the circle is the color of the character genre, and therefore, it is also the factor that makes the gameplay enjoyable.

You are now ready to download DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE for không lấy phí. Here are some notes: