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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Description

This trò chơi can be said lớn be two popular và progressive series of collision of innovation, not only highly restored Marvel series of characters and story, but also combines the LEGO series of unique and interesting narrative game is a charming game.

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This is a collection of Marvel"s many super heroes game. Iron Man, Spider-Man, Star Trek, & Dr. Ki are all coming together in this piece of work lớn fight side by side. Every Marvel character has its own unique abilities and features that are key to making the best use of these abilities at the right time for them to lớn work together. For example, the Star Jazz can fly freely using a jetpack, the captain of the United States can throw a shield trigger, và Raytheon is good at releasing lightning to lớn charge the machine - features that are perfect for solving puzzles in specific locations. The fully armed rocket raccoon, Iron Man, Hulk are very good at fighting lớn show their talents.

As the trò chơi progresses, more và more new heroes will gradually . In addition lớn being able to lớn provide you with a brief freshness, the newly ed heroes will be able lớn return to lớn previous levels in không tính phí mode to lớn solve the organs or puzzles that the old heroes can not solve for the time being. Và this also greatly enhances the game"s repeatable play value.

Associating each superhero is an original story about the same màn chơi as most "chaos" games. Of course, LEGO is still doping some of its own unique humor. For example, every time when the director of the SHIELD shields his snacking drinks, the Star Trek will easily be able lớn dance with a lot of characters while playing music. Compared with the more serious works of the same genre, "LEGO Marvel Super Heroe "Actually nothing really narrative màn chơi of value at all. It is closer khổng lồ an all-age Marvel theme virtual park.

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Fighting, collecting & puzzle solving are the main components that fill the game"s flow. No matter which part is more or less with the restructuring of Lego blocks associated. Such a thiết kế idea may already be well-established for the hardcore LEGO fan, but given that virtually no other player in the market except LEGO uses similar puzzle logic in the game, it is still possible for unfamiliar players At the beginning, you have lớn have a glimpse of water. For example, players who used lớn play the traditional RPG may find it hard to lớn think that they actually need to use the blocks khổng lồ fight weapons on the battlefield of BOSS. People who are accustomed khổng lồ pushing boxes, pressing buttons, searching for passwords & other traditional solutions khổng lồ the mystery will not be too easy in an instant to turn their chip core solutions khổng lồ "destruction & reorganization."

In addition, lượt thích other LEGO titles, LEGO Marvel Super Heroe is far too simple for players who are familiar with the inherent logic of LEGO"s game and are a little more advanced. Fighting is basically a fool"s death, death can not only resurrect the original full of blood, but also has unlimited life-long. The building blocks are in every corner of the game, and in theory can be repeated as often as you want - for middle to lớn high-end players, access to lớn such resources at your fingertips probably will not have any sense of accomplishment at all.

So this also leads to lớn a very controversial issue, that is, this "full-age" game is not suitable for all players, & even not suitable for the general sense of the public players. Lớn be honest, it"s hard khổng lồ recall even an exciting moment in the game. Whether it is fighting, collecting or solving puzzles, I seem khổng lồ be able to lớn get the brain on standby, just relying on the instincts of biological conditioned reflections. When playing to lớn the trò chơi in the late play a cinematic animation, accompanied by the star selection of songs, I drowsily into sleep. It was about four in the afternoon, with warm sunshine on the face - when night woke up, the night was over, & the stars in the screen were still twisting with the rhythm of the music. This is the most wonderful time I spent in this

Like most other Lego games, this trò chơi is still primarily aimed at children, parents who want to lớn spend their own time with their children, loyal LEGO toy fans, and some light puzzle lovers. & they vày not need overwhelming reorganization of the mechanism, otherwise it will increase the unnecessary cost of learning; vì chưng not need more difficulty, because the current challenges are enough; bởi vì not need more rigorous script story, because "arbitrary" was originally Lego Part of the charm.

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Considering the very large differences in capabilities among the various characters in the game và the fact that there are basically no signs of any adjustment in the balance, this model is virtually non-athletic and fair at all. Like the overall style of the Lego game, the maximum value of this model still lies in the bustling family scene: the outcome is not important & the delight is the king.