a person who takes care of a group of people on holiday, especially by giving them advice on what to do, what to see, etc.

a person who works for a travel company looking after a group of people on holiday, dealing with their problems, giving them advice on what lớn vì or see, etc.: Have you never heard anything about drug dealers cùng the couriers of the money launderers with suitcases full of ngân hàng notes? Những cách nhìn của rất nhiều ví dụ ko biểu hiện cách nhìn của rất nhiều chỉnh sửa viên Cambridge Dictionary hoặc của Cambridge University Press hay của các nhà trao giấy phép. Is it not the case that these couriers usually travel by night in a sleeper which is only available for one person? If motor cycles could use bus lanes we could tốc độ the traffic along, whether for couriers, dispatch workers or people on their way lớn work. I underst& that many motor cycle couriers are employed on piece-work, với that the faster they drive, the more money they make. Finally, we will be looking at ways to prsự kiện cash couriers from circumventing banking regulations by taking their money in cash across borders. What about delivery vans, catering lorries, the shops needed khổng lồ sustain those 30,000 workers, với the couriers who would travel to với from those offices? The success of the industry will still depkết thúc upon individual efficiency on the “shop floor”, the KS staff, local authorities, couriers và bus drivers. Large-scale further deployment to lớn yield, at best, a limited increase in arrests of couriers is not cost-effective sầu on any view. However, there are other types of outsourced visa operations worldwide, the most comtháng being designated couriers or designated travel agents where applications can be submitted.

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