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The totality of research in the tên miền of physics results in an analytic inquiry of mathematical conformities.
Example from the Hansard archive sầu. Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the xuất hiện Parliament Licence v3.0
Non-conformity with the specifications given in this notice is likely to lead lớn delay in publication.
He refers to institutions imposing "sanctions" và "penalties" & refers lớn "standards of conformity from which an individual may depart only at his peril".
The đôi mươi outcome variables were grouped as follows : (1) intimate relationships ; (2) work and school ; và (3) conformity lớn social expectations.
The coefficients reveal that the đôi mươi outcomes reflect distinct, but somewhat overlapping, social roles and conformity to social norms.
The first is the existence of a sufficient degree of conformity in a community lớn the nor ms of a particular system.
Demonstrating the practical relevance of general conformity proceeds as follows: in ever y legal system, most participants are committed to lớn the joint legal activity.
If general conformity lớn a practice is absent, then there is no possibility that he can contribute to such a practice.
Submission khổng lồ her husb& in all respects and conformity khổng lồ traditional behaviour are expected of her.

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