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Automate Clash of Clans with Naver Bot

Clash of clans, popularly known as CoC, is an Android & iOS game from Supercell. It is one of the best free-to-play or freemium games in the market, and its players are spread worldwide. The game is very interesting, but the complex features often challenge many people.

With our CoC bot, this will no longer be a concern. It’s packed with advanced features and regular updates that will give sầu you an unmatched playing experience.


Get started in minutes!

Our bot only takes minutes khổng lồ setup! It"s as simple as 1-2-3.

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Bot Features

Automate any task you want in Clash of Clans with our macro bot. Farming is one of the hardest tasks in the game. However, with this bot, you don’t have lớn worry about this as it can automatically farm, & you get to lớn enjoy the benefits with minimal effort.

Automatic coin gathering

With this bot, you won’t have sầu to lớn play for long hours to accumulate more coins. It can be configured to farm automatically. This will save sầu you a lot of time, & you won’t have sầu to spend money purchasing the coins or elixir.

Automated wall upgrades

Upgrading your wall takes a long time and will cost you a lot of coins. This can make you spend an unnecessary amount of time on this game aspect. However, with this bot, you don’t have sầu to worry about that, as Naver Bot can be configured to automatically farm coins và upgrade your walls as soon as you have the funds to lớn bởi so.

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Auto lớn farm battles

This bot can be configured to lớn automatically train troops, wait until they are fully trained, & then find an opponent to fight. This will help you khổng lồ farm both trophies and resources.

You just have to love sầu naver bot. I can automate pretty much any PC or sản phẩm điện thoại game I want, with one software. 10/10!