Looking to bring some of the best features of iOS 7 to older devices, such as the original iPhone or the iPhone 3G? For those iPhone fans who are still rocking these Apple-unsupported devices, Whited00r provides a custom firmware option khổng lồ modernize their look & feel. Whited00r is fully optimized for the older hardware, và completely customizable by the user.


The latest version of Whited00r supports both the iPhone 3G and iPhone 2G, as well as the iPod touch first & second generation. Besides replicating the kiến thiết và features of iOS 7, Whited00r is engineered for speed. Should the look of iOS 4.2.1 or iOS 3.1.3 be missed, reversing a Whited00r installation is achieved by simply restoring to original Apple firmware via iTunes.

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Whited00r supports a variety of iOS 7-style features including Push Notifications, an improved Camera ứng dụng, multitasking (both iOS 7 thumbnail and legacy multitasking bar), Control Center, and its own version of Voice Control. The custom firmware package also includes built-in support for multiple app stores. The official App Store & Cydia (the jailbreak ứng dụng store) are pre-loaded, along with AppTimeMachine.


AppTimeMachine is a Whited00r service that promises khổng lồ offer many apps that have sầu dropped tư vấn for older devices. Every Whited00r installation can be finely tuned, thanks lớn complete customization options and detailed control over system functions. Despite the limitations of the original iPhone and iPhone 3G, the lademo version of Whited00r offers video clip recording, MMS, Control Center, multitasking, Voice Control và jailbreak-màn chơi customizations.

Installing Whited00r is a simple two-step process, involving device prep with redsn0w và an iTunes restore to the custom firmware. The best part is that Whited00r is completely không tính phí.

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Thousands of users are downloading Whited00r every day to breathe new life inkhổng lồ their old iOS devices. Grab the lakiểm tra Whited00r IPSW at the Whited00r website.

I have iphone 3G with iOS 4.2 I tried to lớn update lớn iOS 7 but my phone is not supporting it what khổng lồ doCan some one help

skết thúc me link khổng lồ download tiện ích ios 7.0 và other for iphone 3gs, và also skết thúc the step how lớn install.I need download ios 7.0 & other for iphone 3gs, & also send the step how khổng lồ install.

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As the article say VCLEARLY...1. 3G is possible khổng lồ "update" with whitedoor V7, whereas 3GS is NOT. However, you can update 6.1.1 to lớn 6.1.6 via iTunes.