Call of Duty Modern Warfare is the biggest game in the franchise yet. You have a wide array of trò chơi modes khổng lồ play in, including a Battle Royale coming soon. In these modes, you’ve got to deal with the huge create-a-class system,gunsmith,perks,killstreaks, andeverything in your loadout. Essentially, you’ve got a lot of work to vì to make sure you’re playing the trò chơi as well as you can do. Outside of this loadout, your performance in-game depends on your skill. However, there are other factors that can sway things. You need to lớn be running the best call of Duty Modern Warfare settings for 2020 too if you want khổng lồ get ahead.

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Perfecting your loadout & knowingmapsinside out is going to be wasted if your PC isn’t running the trò chơi properly. When cranked up to the max, hotline of Duty: Modern Warfare looks fantastic with ray-tracing & other effects. This makes for a very pretty game, but one that runs at a poor frame rate unless your PC is absolutely vị trí cao nhất of the range. This gives players with a really good set-up a bit of an advantage since a better FPS gives you quicker reaction times và makes it easier to lớn aim. If you want khổng lồ run the trò chơi optimally for performance rather than visuals, you’ve got khổng lồ use the best gọi of Duty: Modern Warfare settings.

These settings are mix up lớn give you the best performance out of the game, rather than the best appearance. When it comes to lớn shooters, frames per second is much more important than nice textures. This is particularly the case with gọi of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The Best hotline of Duty: Modern Warfare Settings – General Settings

When you head into your settings lớn optimize the game, you should start with your general settings. These include keyboard controls which are up khổng lồ personal preference. You could also look up the keybinds of professional players và see what they recommend.

Sensitivities are also worth going over in detail. The sensitivity that is right for you is a lot more personal than other settings. Work out which feels best for you and stick lớn that lớn build muscle memory. A good rule of thumb is to have a low ADS sensitivity though. This allows for more exact movements with your aim & precise aim. Otherwise, these are the best gọi of Duty: Modern Warfare settings.


Mouse Sensitivity –This is better off low. This allows you to use more of a mouse pad for movement. However, if you have a smaller mouse pad then putting this higher will be more beneficial for using the best gọi of Duty: Modern Warfare settings.ADS Mouse Sensitivity –The legacy setting is the best choice for you if you’re coming from other gọi of Duty games since it mimics performance in previous titles. Otherwise, you need khổng lồ set this khổng lồ lower than your normal sensitivity. This should be the lowest sensitivity that still allows you to lớn make proper movements.Inverse Mouse Look –Off.Mouse Acceleration, Filtering, and Smoothing –Off.

General Settings

The general settings can still be adapted lớn make sure you’re running the best call of Duty settings. These will make interaction with the trò chơi easier và streamline your process.

Slide Behaviour –Tap.Crouch Behaviour –Toggle.Prone Behaviour –Toggle.Automatic Airborne Missile –Enabled.Sprint/ Tactical Behaviour– Hold.Weapons & EquipmentDepleted Ammo Weapon Switch –EnabledSwitch Weapon Minimum Delay –Low, around 60 is good but it won’t have too big of an impact on the delay. It doesn’t affect your switch speed lượt thích perks, but the delay in sending the signal lớn the trò chơi from you switching. This isn’t going to be as game-changing as the name implies, and doesn’t make it instant. However, it is helpful as part of the best hotline of Duty: Modern Warfare settings.Weapon Switch Wrap Around –Enables.Weapon Mount Exit Delay –Around 100.Equipment Behaviour –Hold.

The Best điện thoại tư vấn of Duty Modern Warfare Settings – Video



FOV –The highest possible before your PC screen looks distorted. This widens the image that you can see. Some players will insist high is always better. However, it can cause a weird fish-eye effect if you put it up too high.ADS Field of View –Affected.Brightness –A bit brighter than standard since call of Duty is kind of of a dark game, it will help with your visibility.

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HUD Bounds –Lower these down to lớn reduce the mess around your screen.

The Best call of Duty: Modern Warfare Settings – video Settings

This section is one of the most important. This is where you decide how your trò chơi will look. When you’re looking for the best điện thoại tư vấn of Duty: Modern Warfare settings, that means making sure your trò chơi is running at the best frames per second it can. This might not look the fanciest, but it gives you better performance. Turning down visual quality is going to lớn be a big improvement on how your game runs.


Display –FullscreenRender Resolution –100. The trò chơi will upscale if you put this higher so it doesn’t particularly help your performance.Aspect Ratio –Automatic or the aspect ratio of your display.V-Sync –Disabled. This is a key part of the best call of Duty: Modern Warfare settings. This syncs your frame rate to your monitor, which will unnecessarily make it dip.Framerate Limit –Crank up the custom frame rate as high as you can manage. This is better than unlimited as it helps you achieve a stable frame rate.

Details and Textures

Texture Resolution –Low. You don’t need high-quality textures và it is taxing on your PC.Texture Filter Anisotropic –Low. This is just a filter.Particle unique –Low. This has no bearing on the game.Bullet Impacts –Disabled. This is a pretty detail, but not helpful for playing better.Tessellation –Near

Shadow and Lighting

Shadows are complete CPU hogs. Having these ones set khổng lồ the best hotline of Duty: Modern Warfare settings will make a big difference khổng lồ your game. It will reduce the drain on your PC & give you a much better frame rate, and with these minor settings, it doesn’t even really affect your visual fidelity all that much.

Shadow maps Resolution –LowCache Spot Shadows –DisabledCache Sun Shadows –DisabledParticle Lighting –NormalDirectX RayTracing –DisabledAmbient Occlusion –This doesn’t matter too much.Screen Space Reflection (SSR) –Low

Post Processing Effects


This is a particularly bad section. Gọi of Duty Modern Warfare has filters khổng lồ make the trò chơi look more filmic. This is nice & everything, but a complete waste of your computer’s power. This hogs your CPU, slow down your game, and even make it harder to actually see! Essentially, these filters put you at a massive disadvantage & if you want khổng lồ use the best call of Duty Modern Warfare settings you’ve got lớn turn them off.

Anti-Aliasing –The second lowest setting. This helps miễn phí up processing power without impacting your game too much.Depth OF Field –Disabled. This blurs things further away, which makes it harder for you khổng lồ see.Filmic Strength –Not too important so it will depend on your preference. However, this will hinder your visibility set to higher.World Motion Blur –DisabledWeapon Motion Blur –Disabled. Blurs vày nothing but blur your vision, which is a handicap most players should avoid.

Best điện thoại tư vấn of Duty: Modern Warfare Settings – Audio Settings


These settings are largely down to personal preference and they won’t affect your game play too much. Turning the music volume down is usually a good move though. This is largely a distraction và the default mix in hotline of Duty: Modern Warfare has particularly loud music.

With the music turned down and the emphasize put on in-game sounds, you have more visual clues as khổng lồ the location và actions of other players. This is a big help for people, a properly trained ear can be as effective as a radar.

In Conclusion

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare gives players a lot of control over their interface with the game. Using the best điện thoại tư vấn of Duty: Modern Warfare settings is going to lớn give you the best performance in the game. While it can be visually stunning with its settings maxed out, only a small minority of computers can manager to run this with a good frame rate. Using the best call of Duty: Modern Warfare settings is going to give you the best frame rate so you can be more responsive when playing the game.

Our other call of duty: Modern Warfare guides will be helpful for you lớn make the most of your newly high-performing game.

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