MONI-info is a guidance và information point for immigrants. The Moni-info office is located on Frami campus area. The address is Frami C, Kampusranta 9 C, street level. We provide services by phone, online or you can visit us at our office. A liên kết to a calendar where you can book an appointment is available on this page.

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The services & events of Moni-info are không lấy phí and xuất hiện to all immigrants & others who are interested.

What is MONI-info?

MONI-info advises and guides immigrants in our city. You can visit us once or register as a customer. We serve immigrants in Seinäjoki who are unemployed, employed, in training or outside the labour market. Our customers also include other immigrants, the business community, educational institutions và organisations that provide services for immigrants. Employer, our service is available for you, for example for residence permit guidance.We also provide services for organisations in the third (e.g. Associations) & fourth (private people) sectors working on issues related khổng lồ immigration, the development of work-related immigration, inclusion, well-being, equality, or other similar themes.

How to lớn reach us:

Call us at 044 4181816 / TanjaSend a WhatsApp message at +358 44 418 1816Send a Messenger message

MONI-info is an immigrant’s gateway to Seinäjoki

We serve immigrants in Seinäjoki and Southern Ostrobothnia as well as immigrants who want khổng lồ move lớn Seinäjoki. Our services are confidential and free of charge. We are part of a network that provides services for immigrants in Southern Ostrobothnia và Finland.

Our tasks include:

providing personal guidanceWe advise và guide immigrants in Seinäjoki or immigrants who are considering moving khổng lồ Seinäjoki. We provide personal guidance and advice on job search and training. Our services are miễn phí of charge for our customers. MONI-info conveys information và serves as a link between immigrants, various service providers, the business community, educational institutions & organisations providing services in everyday matters. advice on servicesWe provide advice on taking care of everyday matters, such as running errands at offices and banks, housing, job search, training, hobbies, getting a place for children in school và day care, making various agreements, etc.We are not authorities, & we bởi vì not make decisions about customers’ finances or applications. We advise và provide information so that customers know how & where their matters can be handled. We encourage customers to take care of their affairs independently. being a meeting placeWe want lớn be involved in organising various evening functions, workshops, networking sessions, seminars & other events. They are open and không tính tiền to everyone. We invite everyone interested lớn join. Everyone can come along & we bởi not expect you lớn have any special skills. The events vì chưng not oblige you to anything. We are happy to lớn work with companies, organisations, other projects & volunteers.

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An initial form will be completed together for long-term customers participating in the project.Personal data khổng lồ be collected on ESF project participants

Privacy statement of the ESF personal data file

How to lớn reach us:

Subscribe to lớn our newsletter (link coming soon; email newsletter published when necessary, about 4 times a year)Fill in the liên hệ form & we will tương tác you (link coming soon)

Refugee Services

At MONI-info we serve clients who are not eligibled khổng lồ have services from the Refugee services. Thành phố of Seinäjoki Refugee Services provides statutory integration services for people who have refugee status or who have settled down to lớn Seinäjoki after asylum process. Refugee services serve these new inhabitants for three years time.

Immigrant´s guidance và information point MONI-info is a new service from thành phố of Seinäjoki. We are starting as EU project. Read more in Finnish.

FUNDED BY European social fund.Vipuvoimaa eu:lta 2014-2020. CLICk the with th right mouse button to lớn see POSTER larger:



MONI-info is funded by ESF


Kampusranta 9 C

You can tương tác us by phone, email, Messenger or Whatsapp during work days from 9-16.

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Customer service 044 418 1816 (Finnish, English, Russian)(+358 44 418 1816 when calling abroad)

Moni-info office service at Frami

Please book your personal guidance time here


If suitable times are not available, please contact us for possible adjustements.