Argentina vs bolivia - ngày 15/06/2016 - copa america


Argentina clinched first place in Group D at the năm nhâm thìn Copa America with its 3-0 victory over Bolivia in Seattle on Tuesday.

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It didn"t even need Lionel Messi to bởi vì the damage, as he entered the game at the start of the second half when it was already 3-0 in Argentina"s favor. Erik Lamela, Ezequiel Lavezzi and Victor Cuesta scored the three goals, but the final deficit didn"t vị the blowout justice. According khổng lồ ESPN FC, Argentina tallied a borderline-ridiculous 86 percent of the possession in the straightforward victory. 

Bolivia was already eliminated from advancement before the contest started, while Chile finished in second place in the group and will also move to lớn the tournament"s bracket portion alongside Argentina.

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Messi didn"t start Tuesday"s contest largely because Argentina was tied with Chile with six points và comfortably ahead in goal differential (6-2) coming into the final group-stage game. Even without the superstar on the field, Argentina wasted little time getting on the scoreboard.

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Bolivia"s Edward Zenteno picked up a yellow card outside the penalty box, and Lamela"s không lấy phí kick found the back of the net after a deflection at the 13th minute, via Univision Deportes:

Univision Deportes

#ARGvBOL: Gooooool de
Argentina al 13', por conducto de Lamela. #CopaAmerica


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Argentina was far from done following the initial breakthrough. Lavezzi scored off a rebound right in front of the net in the 15th minute, via Univision Deportes:

Univision Deportes

#ARGvBOL: Al 15',
PochoLavezzi anota el segundo para
Argentina. #CopaAmerica #UDCentenario

The wide talent disparity between the two sides was glaringly evident, và Caitlin Murray of Fox Soccer said Argentina was "just having fun out there now" after Sergio Aguero passed to lớn himself without much challenge to get past the Bolivia defense.

Fox Soccer noted the crowd was already looking toward the bench in the early stages of the easy win:

FOX Soccer

The "Messi" chants have already begun btw. #ARGvBOL

With Messi still on the sidelines, Argentina continued to lớn dominate play và earned a third goal when Cuesta redirected Lavezzi"s cross into the net at the 32nd minute. Matt Pentz of the Seattle Times said, "This is like the soccer version of a Globetrotters-Washington Generals game. Argentina with 82 percent of possession through half an hour."

Argentina took that 3-0 lead into halftime, and the only question was whether Messi would take the field. That question was quickly answered when he started the second half, much khổng lồ the crowd"s delight, as Major League Soccer illustrated:

Major League Soccer

When Messi subs on. #ARGvBOL #CopaAmerica

With Messi leading the way, Argentina continued lớn press forward against the Bolivia defense. Although it didn"t score in the first trăng tròn minutes of the half, it won a handful of corner and miễn phí kicks, one of which Messi just narrowly missed as he targeted the upper 90 of the goal, via Univision Deportes:

Univision Deportes

#ARGvBOL: Al 59, se salva Bolivia. Tiro libre que cobra #Messi y el balón se va apenas desviado. #CopaAmerica

Tim Booth of the Associated Press called it the "upset of the night." Argentina didn"t score early in the second half with Messi on the pitch. Bolivia"s defensive strategy was largely responsible for the lack of goals in the second half, & Pentz said it had nine players "camped in its own half in a defensive shell."

Murray reacted to Bolivia"s decision to sit back despite the 3-0 deficit:

Caitlin Murray

Bolivia didn’t get the memo that everyone in this stadium, probably 60k+, all want lớn see Messi score. I’ve never seen a bus so parked.

While Argentina didn"t score in the second half, the crowd did get khổng lồ see Messi nutmeg the goalkeeper. It was called back for offsides, but it didn"t take away from the beauty of it, via Univision Deportes:

Univision Deportes

CAPTION THIS #ARGvBOL #UDCentenario #CopaAmerica

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Leave it lớn Lionel Messi khổng lồ casually nutmeg the goalkeeper.