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Absent đi với giới trường đoản cú gì? Sau Absent là gì trong tiếng Anh? là thắc mắc của không ít người khi học tiếng Anh. Bài viết này, chamichi.com.vn đang giải đáp vướng mắc của các bạn kèm bài xích tập có đáp án.

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absent in

Khoảng 8% số ngôi trường hợp dùng absent for :

He will be absent for three weeks.

He’s been absent for almost a year.

Sorry for being absent for so long.

This just means that Zhang Jike will be absent for the 2012 Suzhou xuất hiện and his next.

This beautiful site helped rekindle a love for God that was absent for a long period.

See the section ‘ Living away from home ‘ below if you were absent for other reasons.

The job they only offered me are 1 day jobs, like, if an employee is absent for a day or two and needs a replacement.

Multilingualism allows people flexibility in communication and language use that is absent for monolingual societies.

Unfortunately, this is the same people who told us last year that Jack Wilshere will be absent for only a short time.

For an employee who has been absent for two leave years, for example, this could represent nearly three months ‘ pay.

Khoảng 4% số ngôi trường hợp cần sử dụng absent on :

I was absent on the 25th April(monday).

Please eckuse John being absent on Jan.

He is just absent on the Middle East crisis.

But also clubs whose county teams would traditionally be absent on the big days there.

Unfortunately, James Hamlin was absent on the day, having travelled khổng lồ another mission.

In fact, they are notably absent on this wish list because it’s just not gon na happen.

Religious affiliations of partners(a) — 2011 (a) Excludes usually resident partners who were absent on Census Night.

Along with Alia, R Kelly, JODECI, Ace of Base, Brian McNight, Bone, & Why the F* &ck; is Biggie absent on this list.

The Bush Twins The Bush Twins were notably absent on the trail in 2000, but became more publicly involved in George W.

The fact that Muhammad’s name is absent on all of the early inscriptions, especially the religious ones is significant.

Khoảng 3% số trường hợp sử dụng absent of:

Train absent of mcleod, took www.

Dominionists are not absent of malice.

The main reason is khổng lồ obtain absent of the work.

As a result of the absent of the king, another neighbouring village began killing them.

Absent of divine intervention it is just a matter of time until the apocalypse happens.

The cancer that spreads is the distortion of LIFE that is darkness absent of light (LIFE).

Tropical convection doesn’t occur absent of other large-scale forces (increased available water vapor, for example).

When athletes enter the zone, their mind absent of doubt, their concentration pure, everything looks clearer to lớn them.

The pleasantries which I fear we take for granted in our own nation became so pronounced only when I was absent of them.

Many of these attendees returned home and initiated Juneteenth celebrations in areas previously absent of such activity.

Khoảng 2% số ngôi trường hợp cần sử dụng absent at :

His sister was absent at the vetting.

Jubril Gada was absent at the ceremony.

His father was still absent at that time.

Balfour at home, the one being absent at Brisbane, and the other among the out-stations.

Indeed, the very present is contradictory – always present and yet absent at the same time.

Errors should be absent at this stage since you already checked it locally (but vì check!).

Interestingly, a character later tries to fix something that happened in the 40s due to lớn him being absent at the time.

This ailment eats absent at every muscle and tissue inside your overall body departing the victim khổng lồ become paralyzed.

It includes dental, dermatology, and vision care — a trifecta that’s notably absent at most schools ‘ health centers.

The Holy Prophet has given this order that no part of his body may be absent at the time of the descent of divine mercy.

Khoảng 2% số ngôi trường hợp cần sử dụng absent during :

You were absent during that entire period.

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Tika taka was essentially absent during this game.

It is a feature that was absent during the first STL.

Also absent during our visit was the Balloon Wheel, Star City’s outdoor ferris wheel.

We suspect that they do use the cave at times, but happened to lớn be absent during our visit.

If that is done, the economic implication will still be absent during the campaigns for 2015; he will be thrashed.

The unity talk was absent during the JLP’s term in office and surprisingly it only applies whenever the PNP is in office.

The Leader of the Opposition was absent during six sittings, being present for 905 minutes or 27% of the total session time.

My parents were absent during the Coronation Night as they opted khổng lồ stay home monitoring on TV than watching the actual show.

Khoảng 2% số ngôi trường hợp cần sử dụng absent without :

He has been AWOL (Absent Without Leave).

That none be absent without leave, Witness.

I was charged with being absent without leave.

Any member who is absent without permission more than one session, loses his seat.

He was denied access on the grounds that he had been absent without prior permission.

Nowhere, the Members are authorised to lớn remain absent without leave of the Parliament.

If such a candidate was absent without reasons approved by the School or withdrew, a resit is not normally permitted.

In 1980 Carter went absent without leave, rode a motorcycle to lớn Durban and, calling himself David, became a disk jockey.

I am also told that this guy Bandanage went continuously AWOL (absent without official leave) on several occasions in 2009.

In the event that you abandon your employment, or are absent without leave, you may be considered khổng lồ have ceased employment.

Khoảng 1% số ngôi trường hợp cần sử dụng absent due :

Arteta was absent due to injury.

Where an employee is absent due to non-recurring illness.

Siwon was also absent due to the filming of The King Of Dramas.

With standings leader Mitchell Watt absent due to injury, Russian Alexander Menkov (8.

Thompson & England team mate Hendre Fourie were absent due to Six Nations commitments.

Julian Gertner is absent due to his sister’s wedding & player-manager Adam Hersh is also a doubt.

If an employee earned wages during the reference year, he is not penalized if he was absent due to sickness or accident.

The time people were absent due to their most recent workplace injury differed according khổng lồ the type of injury suffered.

Your child can also be absent for up to 6 consecutive weeks at any time if the child is absent due to their medical condition.

Khoảng 1% số trường hợp sử dụng absent with :

We are consistently absent with our circadian worries.

It later told BT that the six were absent with valid medical reasons.

He was all-smiles because Steve Nash was absent with a bruised left shin.

Nowhere, the Members are authorised to lớn remain absent without leave of the Parliament.

They get pension rights, we vì not, và if absent with an illness there is no sick pay.

Five players were absent with the flu in one match and Maharoof was called upon to bowl.

It is addressed lớn his brothers Carl & Johann, though Johanns name is strangely absent with a blank space in its stead.

White has claimed on Twitter that he is not AWOL, yet he fits the very definition of the acronym — Absent With Out Leave.

You might get absent with buying clothes ‘ off your rack ‘ – but your engagement ring is required to be something very special.

Sau Absent là gì trong tiếng Anh?


absent = without

Absent a detailed plan, the project was doomed from the start.

absent + yourself/themselves… (formal)

Between 70 per cent, và 80 per cent, of all children who come into conflict with the law begin by absenting themselves from school.

There is nothing for him to lớn do, and he absents himself.

I absented myself from those decisions, for reasons that are crystal clear.

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Absent đi cùng với trạng trường đoản cú gì?

Absent rất có thể đi kèm với các trạng từ bỏ sau đây.

completely, entirely, quite, totally, wholly | virtually | largely | temporarily | conspicuously, markedly, notably, noticeably, strikingly 

Local people were conspicuously absent from the meeting. 

| strangely 

He played with an abandon that was strangely absent from his performance last week.

Các lưu ý khi học từ absent

Khi thực hiện các cụm tự với trường đoản cú “absent”, ngôn từ của các bạn sẽ tự nhiên rộng và dễ nắm bắt hơn.Bạn sẽ có những cách thể hiện bạn dạng thân thay thế sửa chữa và nhiều chủng loại hơn.Bộ não của chúng ta sẽ thuận tiện ghi nhớ cùng sử dụng ngữ điệu ở dạng khối hoặc khối ví dụ điển hình như Các cụm từ thông dụng với “absent” hơn là các từ đối chọi lẻ Sử dụng với các cụm từ làm việc mục trên vẫn giúp điểm IELTS của khách hàng cao hơn cực kỳ nhiều!!!!

Các từ đồng nghĩa tương quan với Absent